As a journalist you rely on your sources to provide you with the full and accurate information, then you take this information, process it and report it. Sometimes in the rush to get things out, you miss a few nuances in the conversation.

So allow me to clarify then situation regarding the firings of most of the Administration:

As far as I’ve been told, none of the administrators listed as fired will be returning to the school next year.

While it is true that most of them were summarily dismissed, Laurence Fhima was offered another position in the school at a lower salary. She has the option to stay if she accepts the demotion.

Adina Matas, Principal of JPPS was approached before Passover with discussions revolving around who will run the elementary school next year. Negotiations will continue in two weeks, upon the return of Neal Creme who is currently on The March of The Living.

I apologize for any confusion the original post caused.

7 Responses to “Sometimes we have to clarify information”

  1. Wonderwoman

    Dear Howie.
    As it’s very clear that you posted it after getting “The Clear information” via your secret Chanel with “”
    I’m wondering if she can verify for us the following issues:
    1. Did the same offer have offered to the all 4 new administrators?
    2. What was the deal With Mr. Lukian when he first arrived the school as a consultant? And how come that immediate after giving his report to the board he became The “Big Boss” of the school?
    Who approved it and why? And BTW how much it cost the entire community?
    3. Who choose ken Scott? And why? And it that true that while he moved from his previous school to Bialik He got a nice increase in his Paycheck? Did he too have the same offer like Mrs. Fima and Elizebeth? And BTW what did he contribute to the school during the months he is in school?
    4. Who and why choose Rabbi Shimon Felix? Who and why approved his Working conditions? In a situation like that what make him the right person to lead the school to the bright horizon? Why it was no answer or comment to the Questions which Howie posted about him in this blog?
    5. What Dov Whitman is doing here? What proven Record he brought to his position? Or it is enough to be the Son of…?

    6. for some reasons I have some kind of feelings that there are previous relationship or put it like that “Chain of relationship” Between Board members The 4 New administrators. I think all of them have the obligation to clarify it very honestly.
    So , I would like you to clarify for me via your Secret Chanel How much it cost us to have all these four people and why not to cut their positions or at least salaries?

    Looking forward to get a full and fair answer…

    • Howie Silbiger

      Actually it’s not so clear…bbtorch pointed out the inaccuracies, the info for the clarification came from elsewhere.

      But I’d love an answer to those questions…

  2. Andrea

    Wonderwoman – I don’t know the answers to your questions.

    You are asking some good questions so why don’t you email the President of the school or come to the meetings and ask?

  3. Anonymous

    Neil Creme should never have left for the march in the midst of such a crisis. There will be other years.

  4. Anonymous

    And BTW, why is Neil even on the Board, speaking on my behalf as a parent, when he is NOT a parent!

  5. Oz E

    My question is why isn’t Ken Scott going to be there tonight. The answer: He is in Hawaii.
    Many will say it is because he is having a grandchild, his daughter will be giving birth. I wish the entire Scott family the best on the new addition to the family, but in a time like this, isn’t his job important.
    Where was my mother when my son was born? I’ll tell you… she was TEACHING A CLASS AT BIALIK!!! Where was my father? He was subbing a class at Bialik…
    The school is going through major change, and be it for the good or the bad, its leaders NEED to be there!


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