This article was originally published on Monday July 20, 1998, nearly 15 years ago. It’s funny how nothing has changed since then…

Jews in general are lacking in “Jewish” Leadership. If we were to rely on the Federations, the American or Canadian Jewish Congress or the United Jewish  Appeal to protect us from our enemies we’d be in big trouble. Any off shoot group that stood up for our rights, including my Save All Jews Everywhere were discredited and dismissed as marginal by the Jewish big
boys, and thus were forced out of business or outlawed.

What the Jews and the Israelis need now is a strong Rabbi, who is not afraid to stand up and fight for Jewish rights no matter what the “mainstream”thinks. What we need is an organization that says screw the consequences and fights for our rights.

What we don’t need is perceived lily white organizations whose sole purpose is to propel their leaders to some government post, where in their capacity gives they somehow manage to screw the Jewish community. (see the Canadian Jewish Congress’ deal with the Quebec Government over English labels on kosher food products).

Until this leader is revealed through action, I’m afraid we, the Jews, are in desperate trouble.

Now since we’re on the topic of the strong Jew, I think it’s about high time that Jews stopped depicting themselves as victims of the Holocaust, and start depicting themselves as Victors or Survivors of the Holocaust. I’m sick of the Holocaust museums who spend millions of dollars of our money showing the world how we died. I think they should spend an equal amount of
money showing the world how we lived.  How for over 2000 years of persecution, we survived with our culture, with our
religion, and with our dignity.

The world loves seeing the weak Jew, the defeated Jew. I think it’s about time the world saw the strong Jew, the Jew
that will crush it’s enemies. It’s time we got up and said “enough is enough, we’re not going to take it anymore” (the slogan of SAJE (RIP) )

I’m done venting, I hope you agree. (I’m sure if you don’t I’ll hear about it!)

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