You know what? I’m sick and tired of the insensitive folks that post up stupid cartoons on Facebook with captions like character 1: “I’m upset about the massacre of little children” Character 2: “Oh the ones in Yemin, Afghanistan, Pakistan or the ones the media told you to be upset about?”  or pictures of unfortunate events in Middle Eastern and South Asian countries with the caption “You know about Boston, what about *insert country*

This stupid logic is not only intellectually insulting, it’s degrading to the victims of terror. Yes, the death of children anywhere is tragic, but the circumstances surrounding deaths in the various countries named in these statuses are different. Remember, if you want to promote human rights in one country, you can’t negate human rights in another. So there is no connection, no moral or social equivelence with the death of children in Yemin or Pakistan or any other country to the deaths of children in attacks in the US.

It feels almost idiotic to state that in Boston, a major US city, a city that is not in the middle of a war zone, innocent people were slaughtered for simply being American. Terrorism is evil, and while collateral deaths in war zones are tragic, they are expected. Tragedies such as the Boston bombings, school shootings etc. grab US and world media attention simply because they are unexpected and very much close to home.

Perhaps critics are right, perhaps we should be reading more about atrocities committed around the world, perhaps we are a bit lax when it comes to recognizing the suffering of others. But that said, it does not negate the suffering we (Americans/Canadians) feel when we are hit by a terrorist attack and in my humble opinion, there is no problem whatsoever with spending time on-air to discuss it.


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