Tips For Successful Investing


A question I often receive from my friends, vcialis 40mg family and clients is: “What are some quick and easy tips for successful investing”

  • Have a plan. Establish an analysis of your current financial situation and what your objectives are and assess your risk tolerance. Review and adjust this plan regularly.
  • Diversify, but don’t over diversify. The age old advice still holds.
  • Know and understand what you’re investing in. How will current and future changes affect your portfolio? What industry or geographical area are you in? Take the time to learn about it.
  • Be especially wary of fees. These often hidden fees can eat away at a large majority of your profits.
  • Contribute regularly, not annually. The exponential growth you can experience will surprise you.
  • Re-balance your holdings: Review your portfolio and return to your original level of asset allocation.
  • Work with a professional, like me.

Each of these “tips” is an entire discussion in itself and I will be focusing on them and many other tips and ideas in my upcoming blogs, stay tuned!

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