Loblaw Co. Ltd. and Provigo are refusing to comment on a directive that all  Loblaw supermarkets in Quebec will be rebranded as Provigo stores.

One knowledgeable source said all Loblaw stores in the province will change  their banners to Provigo and will incorporate a new concept. The first  supermarket to be converted to the new concept could be either at a new Provigo  location being built in Sherbrooke or at an existing Loblaw superstore in Magog, stuff   but no detail on the timing is available.

Loblaw did not deny the rumour, cialis but declined to confirm it.

A Loblaw spokesperson wrote in an email that “we do not comment on  speculations and today it is business as usual.

“If we have some announcement to make in the future, help we will make sure to let  you know.”

Loblaw said last month that it would “undertake major investments in its  Quebec store network of approximately $100 million this year, creating more than  100 incremental permanent jobs. … A significant number of Provigo, Loblaws, Maxi  and Maxi & Cie banner stores located in different regions of Quebec will be  part of the investment program.”

The food industry insider said the large-surface supermarkets’ concept will  also change to resemble more closely the Toronto chain’s flagship store at the  former site of Maple Leaf Gardens. That 85,000-square-foot store opened in  November 2011.

That store has cleaner, sleeker lines and aisles, a warmer ambience with deep  red colours and more subdued lighting. It includes a sushi counter, a “Fresh  Food Hall” that serves omelettes, a specialized tea shop and mountains of fresh  and packaged products at strategic points.

But the changes will stress local flavours and colours.

Store owners would not comment on the possibility of changes.

Danny Leblanc, co-owner of Loblaw in Kirkland, said: “I wouldn’t say if I  knew.”

An assistant manager at the Pierrefonds supermarket said they have been  advised by head office to make no statements.

“I can’t tell you (anything) about that,” she said.

Sonia Inkel, assistant manager at the Magog store, said that “we’ve been told  we cannot talk to the media at all.”

Loblaw acquired Quebec’s emblematic Provigo food chain in 1998.

By Francois Shalom – The Montreal Gazette

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