Mindy Pollack is only 24 years old but has already developed a feel for local politics.

Two years ago, the young Hassidic woman co-founded the Friends of Hutchison Street, a community organization trying to smooth relations between Outremont’s Hasidic community and the largely francophone residents who opposed the expansion of a synagogue on the quiet street.

Now she’s turning to local politics. She’ll be announcing her candidacy for borough council with Projet Montreal this evening.

Tensions between the two communities has flared in recent years, and Pollack told La Presse that relations between them had become so strained that she felt she had no choice but to get involved politically.

She told the daily, “The situation has to change, and the best way to change things is to give yourself a voice. The most important thing is dialogue, because without dialogue, we will never find a solution.”

If elected, she would be the first Hasidic woman to be elected to public office in Montreal history.

But not the first man: Sydney Pfeiffer was a councillor for Outremont between 1991 and 2002.

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