Montreal’s former interim mayor, case arrested after taking office amid a corruption scandal, viagra sale has been given over a quarter of a million dollars in severance pay.

The City of Montreal has confirmed that Michael Applebaum is entitled to severance payments as per the Act Respecting Remuneration of Elected Officials (in particular, buy  articles 30.1 and 31).

Applebaum’s severance package is two-fold: $108,204.90 in severance allowance and $159,719 in transition allowance. This comes to a total of $267,923.90.

Severance payments are awarded to elected officials that leave office, no matter what the cause of departure. The only exception is in the case of death.

The former mayor was picked up at his home in June by Quebec’s anti-corruption unit as part of an investigation into construction deals involving Mafia-linked figures and a public official who recently committed suicide.

He now faces 14 charges including fraud, conspiracy, breach of trust, and corruption in municipal affairs.

Just seven months ago he ascended to his role with a promise to lead Montreal out of its era of sleaze.

“We will regain the confidence of our citizens,” Applebaum said at the time. “With everything that’s been going on, I understand that they’ve been hurt.”

Applebaum had promised not to run in the upcoming election, slated for this November, but his interim appointment was enough to make history: he became the first Anglophone mayor of the city in exactly 100 years.

He resigned as interim mayor on June 17, the day after his arrest, after serving since November 1994. His first court appearance is scheduled for October 9.

By Global News

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