Insert Pink Floyd song here.

“Is anybody out there? Is anybody listening?”
Isn’t that the lyrics from a Pink Floyd song?
Well… That’s pretty much my life for about the past 3 years. I have been trying to explain to people the benefits of what I do but they just do not seem to get it. Anyways,  it’s nice to have an extra follower here.

Before we get to anything exercise related, I have to get something off my chest:

I’m a workaholic.
There… I said it. I work because it’s all I know and it’s what I do. I like to help people.

I cannot help that… should I?

So anyways, back to exercise. I had a gentleman the other day in the pool that deals with neck compression issues. He works with me twice weekly and sees an osteopath once a month. I find osteopathy to be one of the best compliments to my services.

The client travels often to ski so he needs me to show him stuff he can do regularly on his own without any equipment necessary.

I have tried to lend him small portable exercise tools to do some exercises but that did not work. He always forgets them at home.

I realized the only thing that worked was for me to make him aware of how he sits and slouches when I catch him in his bad habits. Since he travels often, I gave him simple exercises seated so when he does come back to see me, his posture does not need as much work and we can get to his performance training.

He does 2 on the plane and for his cottage or hotel room he has another 2. All starting in the seated position.

In his performance training he has done the very basics and now has built all the way to crazy plyometrics jumping in the water and on land. He would not have progressed as fast if it were not for the very basic stuff he does regularly.

He is 66 years old and he has come to realize that the stuff you do outside of the training and sports you play is what will keep you doing these said activities as you age. Fixing bad posture is where it all starts.

The older we get the worse our posture gets from the work we do and let’s face it, more and more of us need the computer for our work.

Make sure to not slouch in your lower back and keep proper alignment with your hips and shoulders. Your screen should be positioned at eye level and you should have your arms bent with the upper and lower part of the arm creating a 90 degree angle.

Maybe it is something you have heard before, but is it something your practice ALL THE TIME?

Maybe I just made you aware of how you were just sitting and reading… and that’s where it starts.

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