Quality over quantity

If you already take the time to go to the gym or practice an exercise routine at home, being disciplined is not the issue in regards to your time management. Often enough though, I see people get caught up in the routine of doing their said exercise plan and rush through it because they know it so well.

I feel like asking:

Are you paying attention to all the details? Are you breathing properly? What you are doing almost looks effortless… is it too easy or are you just bored?

I forget sometimes that people get caught up on the quantity details, which most of the time do not matter, and fail to recognize the ones that count.

The quality details.

I am not talking about the high-level athletes… they generally are pretty in-tune with their bodies. I am talking about the people that have not progressed in decades, which is about the last time they even thought about changing their routine around.

To this I say:

“Use it or lose it”.

If you always do the same thing you stay the same.

Read above line again…

Hmmm… Pretty straight-forward when you read it huh?
Why people stick to the same exercise routine is mind-numbing for me. It’s like staying in kindergarten mathematics class when you can already divide and multiply. Your body needs to be balanced, thrives on movement and if you continuously do the same thing over and over… your body adapts, stops progressing and can even be bad for you if prolonged. It’s without question the reason you stuck to the routine in the first place was because when you first started it… you saw results.

Imagine if you were to progress continuously…

Seems impossible? Well it isn’t.

If you are healthy and if you do the right things, you can always get better than your current state. If you continuously try to improve upon the 6 qualities of human performance (balance, coordination, flexibility, endurance, speed, strength), you will always have ways to better yourself.

We all have weaknesses… and of course those are the areas we hate working on the most.

I personally was the type to lift a lot of weight in the gym for hours and then touch my toes real quick and call that my flexibility routine.

If you were to back off from what you usually do, and add a little more of what you hate, you might just find that those small variations are what will get you back to improvement.

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