The purpose of a personal trainer or coach is to guide you toward your goals. This goes beyond assessing your physical condition, personalizing an exercise program and adapting it accordingly. Teaching you proper body mechanics, exercise technique and principles while motivating you to be consistent is also part of the function of a trainer. The frequency of your sessions depends on several factors.

Fitness Level

A complete beginner needing help in all aspects of their fitness requires more sessions in the beginning. Showing up is how it starts and when it comes to creating new healthy habits, the trainer will play the role of motivator. A strong relationship must be built for success and that can only be achieved through repetition. Don’t be alarmed if your trainer recommends three sessions a week at first. You can taper off once you show signs of being self-sufficient and have proven that you do not need as much personal instruction.


An athlete with measurable goals in specific time frames and an exercise hobbyist without any specific goal have very different uses for a coach. The hobbyist will use a trainer when they want to learn a new piece of equipment or routine which can be as infrequent as once every few months. On the other hand, an athlete training and peaking for an event will work with a trainer daily.


If budget is a concern but you still want direction, getting a detailed program updated every two months works great. Everyone learns differently so take notes and ask questions in your session to maximize the experience. Take at least two sessions in the first week of the new program where you follow the trainer in the first session to lead them in the second. The trainer can then make adjustments so you can work well on your own until the next update.

Everybody wins 

Progress is the barrier we all strive to push through. Whether you’re a beginner wanting to be healthier, an athlete looking for the edge or anywhere in between, everyone needs direction. A personal coach can teach us what we need but if we do not find it within ourselves to put in the work, it’s all for nothing. If you are not getting better or are simply bored of what you are doing, book an appointment to get going in the right direction.

If you have not had a session with your trainer in a while, you’re slacking off.

Get back to work, your body will thank you for it.

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