The mayor of Cote-des-Neiges-NDG is calling the leaked version of the PQ’s Charter of Quebec Values narrow minded, this after a meeting with the PQ’s minister of Democratic Institution Bernard Drainville.

“If a person is wearing garb, a kippa, a hijab, a turban, what have you, that in no way affects their ability to their job with impartiality,” borough mayor Lionel Perez said. “It should be a non-issue, obviously [Drainville] had a different opinion.”

He still hasn’t heard how his kippa impedes on his ability to govern one of the most culturally diverse areas in the country.

In an opinion piece in today’s Le Devoir, Perez wrote “believing a Charter will resolve all the said difficulties is proof of being naive.”

He also wrote that the Charter, as is, would create two classes of citizens – which doesn’t reflect the cultural diversity or the tone of Quebecers as a whole.

“It’s not for anyone from Quebec City or otherwise to tell us how to do our job,” Perez said in an interview with CJAD’s Aaron Rand. “We’ve been doing great, there is no issue, if it bothers someone in Quebec City, I’m sorry, we are going to continue.”

Perez’s borough came under fire by the government for suspending parking restrictions during the Shavuot Jewish holiday.

“We can’t have rules for road signs according to religion because then it will never end,” Drainville said back in May 2013.

“The opposition should not get trapped into [this],” said CJAD’s Political Analyst Jean Lapierre. “The government will want us to talk about that instead of the economy,” during the next election.


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