1.    How long have you been doing stand-up?

15 years but have only been making $$ for 3-4 years


2.    Why did you start/impetus?

 I always wanted to do. It was a calling more than just something I had an affinity for.


3.    Career highlights?
Winnipeg Comedy Festival. Boston Comedy Festival. Performing at the Improv in Miami. Signing my CD for a fan who buys it. The Debaters. Being on TV.

Tonight, viagra 100mg a gentleman came up to me & said: “I had never been to a Comedy show & will be going back to one because of you.” That is mad crazy unreal …


4.    Moments you’d rather forget?
Hmmm on stage not many, sales as it is all part of the learning curve but off stage many. BEST part of this business is on stage. It is GOLDEN … off stage – promoters, unhealthy agents, fellow comics it can all be cutthroat or worse yet, petty.


5.    People who’ve inspired you? (comedy & non-comedy)

Comedic – Richard Jeni, he would talk about life, funny & bittersweet. Chris Rock, you get beyond the bad word HE IS BRILLIANT. Carlin simply for being ahead of the curve. Lenny Bruce because the truth was more important than the funny and it cost him everything.

Non-Comedic: Marx, the theory is BEAUTIFUL. The practice,  IMPOSSIBLE. Mandela, wow! Even Bono, the art & the cause.


6.    Best piece of advice you were given?
Comedian Martha Chaves, very early in my career:  “Franco you are likeable on stage. DO NOT ever lose that. Funny will come but you cannot teach charm nor genuineness. You have it. “


7.    Advice you’d give?
Patience yet hustle aaaannnnd you are only competing against yourself. Worry ONLY about being the BEST you can be.


8.    Your career aspirations from here?

I would love to do a Cdn version of the Daily Show or at the very least do what Strombo does on CBC-TV or Jian Ghomesi on CBC-Radio, he is pitch perfect at it.


9.    Your favourite snackfood?

DORITOS !!!!!!!

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