Former Quebec Premier Bernard Landry says the province “is not and should not be multicultural, see ” and the proposal for a charter of Quebec values by the current Parti Québécois government simply reflects that.

Speaking on Saturday at a forum on the charter organized by the sovereignist group Génération Nationale at the Société St-Jean-Baptiste headquarters in Montreal, shop Landry said the debate now gripping the province “is intense” but civilized and reflects well on Quebecers and on the PQ.

The provincial Liberals should have done it years ago, tadalafil “but didn’t have the courage,” Landry said.

Different ethnicities have been part of the Quebec nation since the earliest days, said Landry, adding he has six different ethnic groups in his own family tree.

“Quebec is a nation, not a race,” said Landry, who told a group of about 250 people that he’s Canadian only on his income-tax return and is “enraged” every time he hears Quebec referred to as a province.

One of the positive byproducts of the charter controversy is that it’s brought the debate over Quebec independence back to the forefront, Landry said.

But he wasn’t happy to see Bloc Québécois MP Maria Mourani ousted from that party for critizing the charter as an “electoral strategy” that needlessly divides Quebecers.

Mourani, who is of Lebanese origin and immigrated here in 1988, has done good work and is “the incarnation of successful integration,” Landry said.

He publicly offered his services to get a dialogue going again between her and BQ leader Daniel Paillé.

By The Montreal Gazette

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