Former premier Jacques Parizeau visited a French-language radio station this morning to discuss his criticism of the Charter of Quebec Values, but also took time out to expound on his infamous “money and ethnic votes” comments on the night of the 1995 sovereignty referendum.

The No side, of course, won the night by less than one percentage point, with Parizeau blaming “money and ethnic votes” for his Yes side’s loss.

Today, he told an interviewer what he had in mind as he gave that concession speech.

“I knew very well who I was targeting when I said that: the common front of Italians, Greeks and Jews,” Parizeau said. There was extraordinary political activity in the No camp, with a formidable success. You know, in Cote St. Luc, there were 12 polls and no Yes votes.”

Parizeau quit politics the day after the referendum loss — and the fateful speech.

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