Stress is the Disease

I had tried to be nice and tell people, “Hey these exercise techniques in the water and on land are fantastic for injuries and improving performance. Honestly I have seen a lot in 18+ years as a trainer and coach. This stuff is the BOMB.”

Yet people did not listen.

People “never heard of it” so they ignore it.

Yo people…. Dr. Igor N. Burdenko’s credentials are more than impressive so get your head out of your ass.
Put it this way… if you have been in “therapy” for a long-time… guess what… it’s not working… HELLO???

Same thing goes for performance. You should be getting better constantly. Period.
The method I am Master Coach in is flawless.
You just have to dedicate time and apply the protocols accordingly.
This takes time to learn.

Funny that the only people that would listen were the really high-end facilities in my city where they said they could not hire me because of tattoos.
Yikes these people need to get out of the dark ages too.

I mean really? I can be black or white… but I cannot be white with some black on me.
Yet I can be Hispanic or Asian. Wait… are minorities allowed tattoos?
In the work force that is.

So let’s see… a Hispanic guy walks into a health facility and is deemed over-qualified, but he has tattoos so WE THEY HAVE TO HIRE HIM?
What if it is a woman?
Okay this is getting too complicated for some people.
This stopped making sense to me a while ago too.

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