I want to thank Howie Silbiger and the nice people of Truetalkradio.com who had the brains to ask me to write a blog for the site. I’m going to use this opportunity to vent all my frustrations to you and the world, pilule the blog is going to be all about things that piss me off. I’m going to cover everything from politicians to television and movies, so join me for the ride of our lives.

Warning: This blog may contain words that may be offensive to some people. If you don’t like reading curse words, well go fuck yourself.

Ever watch sports and wonder why the hell those people playing a game get paid millions of dollars, while us shitheads who work for hours days and weeks on end don’t. I do and it pisses me off.

When I was a kid and at 68 years old I’m not that old, I was always told that if you work hard and go to university you could grow up to be anything you want to be. What a heaping, steaming, stinky load of shit.

There are very few of us who grow up to be anything. We might succeed in the jobs we do, we might be successful and live comfortably. We might have Porsches and Ferraris and go on elaborate vacations that costs tens of thousands of dollars, but at the end of the day, we’re not making even a quarter of the money that some mutant who knows how to throw a ball makes.

The problem is that sports has forgotten its roots, it’s become a business, how much money can we suck out of the poor fuckers that come to watch the game.  A while ago, I saw a news story where the newsman decided to take his kid to a hockey game. He calculated how much it cost him for the evening, including parking and moderate snacks. It came out to over $500 for the two of them. FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS to go and watch grown men play a kids game. FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS! That is insane.

Yet morons keep going out and buying tickets and attending games. Morons keep supporting the ridiculous salaries and pumping money into the ripoff machine that pays no dividends. At least if I go to the fucking casino, I could potentially win a few bucks.

And the worst part of this whole damn thing is that any kid who is a decent player in high school thinks he or she could make the professional league. Only 8 percent of world players make the pros, but here you have young kids thinking they got a shot, sacrificing their fun time, sacrificing their academics all for the chance of winning the jackpot. When they don’t win, they lose hope and faith and some never rebound. It’s a sad material world we live in.

It pisses me off when I see these players who make multiple million dollar salaries show up at charity events and tell me I have to part with some of my hard earned dough when they are just “donating time”. Fuck your time, give money, charities don’t need your time, they need your money. One years salary, which you wouldn’t even fucking feel can fund a small charity for 5 years, fuck, don’t preach and not give yourself, who the fuck do you think you are?

A few years ago I was with my grandson who is a huge baseball fan and we see Sammy Sosa walking down the street. My grandson is almost pissing his pants when he tells me that he’s going to go over and ask for an autograph.

The kids 11 years old and walks up to Sosa and in that shaky high pitched before your balls drop voice asks him to autograph a baseball cap. He explains to Sosa that he is his favorite player and would love an autograph that he would cherish the rest of his life. Sosa looks at him and then looks at me and smiles and tells him that there’s no problem, he’d love to sign the cap, but it’s going to cost fifty bucks.

The kid comes back to me, he’s shaking with excitement and tells me that Sammy Sosa will sign his baseball cap for fifty bucks. He asks me to pay for it.

I march up to Sosa and ask him if he’s fucking kidding, fifty bucks to write your name? You made 5 million last fucking year just on endorsements and now you want fifty fucking dollars to sign an 11 year old fan’s baseball cap? Sosa looked at me and said, “hey business is business.”

I told him I thought he was a disgusting person and he should die of flesh eating disease so that his skin could rot on his bones while he’s still alive. He looked at me shocked and asked me if I wished him that because he was charging for his autograph. I told him, no I wish you that because you are a fucking shithead who forgot who built your fucking game up to where it is. You forgot your roots and one day you and all the hedonists around you will suffer a fate far worse than death.

I then took my now crying grandson by the hand and we walked away. The kid didn’t get his autograph, he was upset, I was pissed at Sosa because he was a greedy pig, but I should have known that to start with, wasn’t he caught up in a doping scandal a few years ago?

Ok enough for today, I’ll be back in a few days with more stuff that pisses me off, until then, be good, be nice, be kind.

Next blog: How the world has gone crazy idolizing miscreeds and cretins like Paris Hilton and Justin Bieber.  



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