A $380 million lawsuit against Yeshiva University’s all-boys Manhattan high school, store the Marsha Stern Talmudical Academy, treat for allegedly covering up widespread sexual abuse was thrown out of court today by a federal judge.

Judge John Koeltl reportedly said the victims — who range in age from late-30s to early-60s – waited too long to come forward.

“Statutes of limitations strike a balance between providing a reasonable time for victims to bring their claims while assuring that defendants have a fair opportunity to defend themselves before evidence is lost or memories fade. In this case, the statutes of limitations have expired decades ago, and no exceptions apply,” Koeltl reportedly wrote in a 52-page decision.

Kevin Mulhearn, who represented the 34 former students who filed the suit, reportedly called Koeltl’s ruling an “abomination and a disgrace.” Mulhearn said plans to appeal. “The court has stood up and said to Yeshiva University, ‘Congratulations, you have succeeded in your cover-up of the sex abuse! The court has set an impossible standard in dealing with a cover-up situation. I think this decision is intellectually dishonest, wrongheaded and potentially dangerous by giving schools incentives to cover up the sexual abuse of their employees,” he added

By: Shmarya Rosenberg • FailedMessiah.com

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