Hillary Clinton. In spring of 2014 the name provokes one reaction among Democrats—the first woman President.

That consensus isn’t just motivating a Hillary campaign before she has committed to be a candidate, ailment it is also affecting other possible Democrats from challenging. That, some Dems say, could be a bigger problem in the long run, though the length of the long run is not being addressed by anyone in the party.

“We know she can win,” said a confident strategist, “but is it valuable for Democrats to put all of our eggs—and by eggs I mean candidates—in one basket?”

Another critic inside the Dems’ camp said, “Some of us like the eggs metaphor, especially if we will be trying to elect a woman president. However, if by eggs we mean candidates, then the metaphor really doesn’t work.”

A source close to Vice President Joe Biden said, “Just because eighty-two percent of the party wants Hillary to run doesn’t mean the vice president shouldn’t take her on again, like he did the last time she was a shoe-in. How did that work out for her?”

Hillary was the huge favorite before Barack Obama won the Iowa caucuses in 2007 and if you have been keeping up with political news you know that President Obama is currently in his second term.

“We have to be realistic,” according to political analyst Merv Stedwald. “New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo would be a great candidate and so would the VP and Gov. Martin O’Malley of Maryland. Well maybe not O’Malley so much but there is another woman in the mix—Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts.”

Warren is a freshman Senator and a popular figure; in fact, she has a popular figure. Private photos of Warren with her hair down, sans eyeglasses (wearing contacts with a sky-blue tint) reveal an extremely attractive woman whose weight is “far less demanding,” as one dietician wrote in a recent editorial, “than some other candidates.”

Physical beauty and health, said one analyst, could play a role in the party’s campaign for a candidate as well as in the general campaign.

“Americans would have to seriously overlook health,” wrote Real Cortubeau in an editorial for the Transatlantic News Online just before it was deleted from the Internet due to lack of funds, “if Hillary Clinton were to run against Chris Christie. Aside from heavier stages needed to support the candidates for debates, Americans would subconsciously be weighing, if you will, the size of these candidates negatively and the result would be voting for the one with the lighter body. That’s just a Freudian reaction, true, but it would kick in around Election Day.”

“Cuomo against Christie,” said a Democrat official from New Jersey, would be a slam-dunk for Cuomo. All he would have to do is come to a debate without a shirt and everyone would be in awe of his pecks. He is in great shape and that would tilt all the scales, even though Christie would literally tip the scales, because Americans would consider Cuomo as strong as he looks in other ways once they see his flexing muscles.”

One political junkie that has many ties on the Hill but wears only the blue ones when dressed, said that there is excitement to get Warren in the race if only to wind up as Hillary’s running mate. They feel an all-woman ticket could not be beaten, especially if Warren ran with her hair down and wearing contacts.

Polls inside the party show much support for others challenging Clinton. Fifty-three percent said in one poll that they want Biden to take Hillary on, though many of the 53 percent added, “only for comic relief.”

Norwood Cinderblock, who wrote the book “All The Presidential Failures’ Men” said he thinks Hillary may or may not run.

“She must be yearning to be the first woman President,” Cinderblock said, “but laboring over how it will affect her health. Even if she shed some weight, the stress of a campaign could run her down and she knows it. However, she may not care at all about being President. Her husband may loath to become the initial “First Gentleman,” as the husband of the first woman President, and let’s face it, he could be influential and make things uncomfortable for Hillary because he has some bad memories from the White House.”

A Republican Party officer, who swore he is a Republican Party officer, told us that Hillary would be beaten if she runs. Under condition of anonymity, the officer said, “Hillary won’t defeat Jeb Bush if he is the candidate. She won’t defeat Chris Christie or Rand Paul either. She brings the Obama vibration into her campaign and Americans are sick and tired of liberal governing and all the issues that they have used to secure solid victories in two straight elections. Eventually, voters will see that gay marriage, abortion, health care, negotiation over military action, food stamps, welfare and tolerance of immigrants are all anti-American and it is time to turn back the clock and get America back to where it was a land to admire.”


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