Yves Bolduc, order the new minister of education for the liberal party of Quebec, purchase has promised to crack down on any illegal or not recognized Chassidic school, find according to a report by the Journal de Montreal.

The story had been instigated by a Radio Canada report focusing on Shiffra and Yohan, two former Chassidim who call themselves “immigrants on the inside” and complain that they never received a secular education. Shiffra and Yohan, who are both from Tosh, are angry at Quebec’s education system. “I’m a survivor,” said Yohan. “Quebec’s politicians are responsible for my ignorance, and I resent them.”

The report goes into an in-depth study of the schooling from every Chassidic sect, noting that it is impossible to calculate the number of illegal Chassidic schools in Quebec.

According to the report, there is no record of a boy’s school in Tosh, and one of their girls schools lost its license last year.  Following an elleged rift in the community, the report claims that a secret school was opened inside the home of a Tosh Chassid in Boisbriand.

The report points to the Satmar community, where Beis Esther lost its license in 2012, and Yeshivas Torah Moshe will be going to court to fight their position that the boys should be exempt from secular studies for religious reasons. It cites a rift in the community, alleging that several hidden Mesivtas (13-year-old and over boy’s schools) exist.

Other communities: In Skver, the boys schools are licenced, though they recently acquired a place to for a Yeshiva. In Belz and Lubavitch, all schools are licensed but inspectors found that there isn’t sufficient time allocated to studying secular subjects.

The report mentions class action lawsuits that are being brought up by ex-Chassidim against the state in New York and Israel, with worries that former Chassidim in Quebec will also file a lawsuit against the government, and closes by stating that 5 schools didn’t comply with the 2012 law but they don’t know which schools, and the 2013 report hasnt yet been released.

Following the Radio Canada report, Bolduc announced plans to withdraw subsidies to Chassidic schools who don’t meet Quebec’s mandatory curriculum. It will also close illegal schools, or schools that aren’t recognized. He called for a meeting with the Ministry of Education, the Directorate of Youth Protection, and the Ministry of Justice.

“The children have a right to these services,” said Bolduc. “What is important is that the students have to have a very good education, and they must acquire the knowledge that is necessary.”

According to the figures provided by the Ministry of Education, the State subsidizes 16 Jewish schools, four Muslim schools, three Armenian schools, and a Greek school this year. All were private schools. Five other private schools were also subsidized.

In the past, the Department of Education threatened to close four private schools with 2,000 Chassidic Jewish children, due to the presence of untrained teachers and the lack of required science and computer labs. Marie Malavoy, the former Education Minister under the Parti Quebecois, had agreed to give them another chance.

Bolduc promised to take action in the coming weeks.

Due to the sensitivity of this article, comments will be closely moderated.

By Zvi Hershcovich – Bill613.com

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