Tosh Hit with Swastikas

Residents of Kiryas Tosh were shocked to wake up Tuesday morning and discover a large swastika painted at the entrance to the tiny Chassidic community in Boisbriand.

The Chassidim, nurse who have lived in Boisbriand since 1963, vialis 40mg have seen increased hostility since outgrowing Kiryas Tosh, to the point where 200 of their French Canadian neighbours met with the city of Boisbriand in a meeting organized by the municipality.

According to sources in the Tosh community, 40 families have moved out of the Kiryas Tosh neighbourhood and started settling on Riviere Cachee and nearby streets.

The primary complaint at the information meeting organized by the municipality was that the Chassidim leave their garbage cans in the front of their homes (a situation which has since reportedly been rectified).

At the meeting, one angry resident named Marlene Cote told the Journal de Montreal that non Chassidic residents who leave their garbage in front of their homes receive fines (implying that Chassidic residents are not fined). She was described as “one of the leaders of a committee of vigilance to enforce the regulations.”

Chassidim who moved out of Kiryas Tosh are reporting daily attacks as they walk the streets of Boisbriand. One resident shared that as he moved into his home a neighbour approached him and asked if he was going to “keep his house as dirty as the Jews in the ghetto.” Others told stories of their doorbells ringing in the middle of the night. One child had was shot with a paintball on Riviere Cachee Street.

The troubles for the Chassidic community, who generally keep to themselves, has risen dramatically since the families moved out. During Passover, cars drove through the streets of Kiryas Tosh throwing raw eggs at Chassidic residents and their vehicles. On Shabbos Chol HaMoed, a security guard stationed at the entrance to Tosh was egged, and throughout Shabbos pickup trucks and cars sped through the Kiryas Tosh, scaring children walking in the streets, not used to vehicles driving in the area on the day of rest.

On Tuesday morning, residents leaving for work noticed the red swastika, spray painted at the entrance to Kiryas Tosh. Shomrim was called, and they notified the police, who have launched an investigation.

“There is no doubt this sign was written by a neighbor and intended to scare us out of Boisbriand,” said a Tosh Chossid. “We’re doing everything we can to try and be good neighbours but it seems that they have preconceived notions about us.”

The Chassidim hope to be able to find a peaceful solution. They point out that they are peaceful neighbours who are very family oriented. So far it appears that the city of Boisbriand understands that the Chassidim are there to stay, and have issued a release informing citizens what to expect from their new neighbours.

The release quelled rumours that the Du Mai school would be sold to the community or closed and that a Chassidic community based out of New York was planning to move into the area. It also noted that the city cannot intervene in real estate transactions between two parties, nor can they enforce regulations differently to people of different backgrounds. As well, citizens were informed about Shabbos siren, which goes off twice a week on Friday at sundown, the laws of where Sukkahs may be installed (not in front yard), that twice a year they can expect loud music, and a quick explanation of the Eruv wires.

By Zvi Hershcovich –

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