Last Tuesday, and residents of Kiryas Tosh discovered a swastika painted on the entrance to the small Chassidic settlement. Harassment of the Tosh Chassidim had escalated ever since families had started moving into areas neighbouring Boisbriand residents.

While some Chassidim feel that the community should reside in the original settlement purchased by the Tosh community, viagra 60mg others point out that they’ve outgrown Kiryas Tosh and have moved into homes on Kiryas Tosh’s outskirts.

Following the swastika incident, many Chassidim believed the harassment incidents would drop. But over this past weekend, residents living inside and outside of Kiryas Tosh experienced more attacks and harassment.

During Shabbos, several young students went for a walk and were verbally abused by a passing car, and traffic cones placed at the entrance to Kiryas Tosh for Shabbos were found in the garbage.

After Shabbos, several cars drove into Kiryas Tosh and the occupants of the car screamed Nazi slogans and “Heil Hitler” at Chassidic residents. A Chassidic man walking to his new home on the outskirts of Tosh from Synagogue together with his three children had raw eggs thrown at him by a passing car on Riviere Cachee Street. One of the eggs landed on the suit of his son, ruining it. The children were frightened and are now afraid of walking outside at night.

Shomrim coordinators had a meeting in police station with the night sergeant who promised to send more patrols to the area, but many Chassidim find it very unsettling that some of their neighbours appear to have such a violent hatred toward them.

By Zvi Hershcovich –

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