As much as The City Of Montreal embraces and adores “our” Montreal Canadians and although Montreal really proved to be a world class city by celebrating and no rioting, tadalafil I cannot help but feel disgusted of the National Hockey League and some of its players. Congratulations on the Montreal Canadians for defeating the Boston Bruins in Boston yesterday (Wednesday May 14, order 2014). Now the Habs will move on against the New York Rangers with the first 2 games being played at The Bell Centre in Montreal on Saturday May 18 and on Monday May 19. I really hope that no matter what, both teams exhibit the skills and abilities to really entertain the fans regardless if they go to the game, visiting their favourite bar or sports bar, or by sitting in front of the tv and having a few beers and cheering on the Habs.

    There is an expression there are 3 sides to every story, yours, mine, and the truth. Well what Milan Lucic said to Dale Weiss that he is “going to ____kill you next year” was thoroughly apprehensible and unacceptable. Lucic and the Bruins should be heavily fined and warned. I know that any threat from one person to another can lead to criminal charges not to mention if heaven forbid the person that was threatened be murdered or injured, even though the person uttering the threat may not have committed the crime towards that person, he / she can still go to jail. Have we as a society really hit the bottom of the barrel? It is a sport – you know, sticks, pucks, two nets and 12 players on the ice with two refs. It is hockey for G-D’s sake. Boston lost, get over it. Perhaps if you played better, you would have won. It is that simple. That is what happens in sports, there are winners and there are losers. What really gets my goat is that kids look up to these athletes and would like to be like them, therefore does society okay kids to say this to another kid playing on the opposing team? The athletes such act and be mature about being the ambassadors of what sports stand for. It is like parents, kids imitate them and would like to be like them. Has society really gone to the bottom of the barrel?

    Remember the Canada / Russia series back in 1970? That was hockey. Fast skating, great goaltending and players proud to live in both Canada and Russia. That was the best hockey I had ever seen. That was the utmost thrill to see the amount of respect, passion and how the game of hockey was really played both here in Canada as well as in the Soviet Union and when Paul Henderson scored the game winning goal, we were all proud to be Canadian – that was hockey, our national sport.

    Like I said there are 3 sides to every story. What Dale Weiss should have done was to not say anything to the media. Instead Dale should have gone to the coach and the General Manager of the Montreal Canadians and let them bring this up with the National Hockey League and / or The. Boston Bruins organization in order to see if there is sufficient evidence to pursue legal proceedings, and try to limit this out of the media as much as possible. Has hockey really gone to the lowest of the extreme bottom feeding fans that love violence and loves blood or see a player deliberately injured or threatened? The problem with sporting athletes is that they feel entitled to go above the scope of the law. They are making a mockery of the legal system knowing they can get away with this, however if anyone else does this, they would be arrested and put in jail so fast in a heartbeat. Sports should also stand for respect and dignity towards your fellow players and athletes not cheap shots, and not threats. It is bad enough where there are many political conflicts and wars that take senseless lives and / or limbs and nations have to send people out there to do their political battles, but in sports really, “I am going to ____kill you? Really? This is why I do not watch hockey that much at all, never mind going to a game where the fans stand up and cheer when an opposing player gets boarded and almost gets his head knocked off or when there is a fight on the ice. I am thoroughly disgusted in the way sports have evolved when you hear stories of some parents threatening to kill a referee or encouraging their sons to intentionally hurt other sons, remember this is a game for crying out loud. Grow up goons – enough said!



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