As we as a society move on, buy   as optimistic as I usually am surrounded by my partner CK, my two sons Norman, Josh as well as many friends and extended family, I cannot be more concerned about issues that affects us each and every day.

    As time continues to move on,  the amount of cruelty,  violence,  and the struggle to survive is very concerning to me. The many facets of hate and violence just because of what religion, and race really scares me. The faults of this hatred towards our fellow man falls squarely on some world governments that seem to believe that people should hate one another and big corporations manufacture weapons for destruction that can easily take lives. Lives of individuals who just want to provide for them,  their families and just to be at peace; knowing that they can embrace their spouses and give their children hugs, kisses and just to hold their hands and tell them how much they love them.

    For certain governments that is far from reality. For certain corporations,  it would be a no-no for it would have to shut down because they would not make a profit for their rich and greedy CEOs to manufacture and distribute weapons.

    Now another war is brewing. The war of the very powerful rich CEO’s that would make 5 figures an hour and in turn would like to get rid of the minimum wage or would like to put an end to any minimum wage increases. For the many people who are working at minimum wage jobs who are working 40 hours a week,  paying their fair share of taxes to the governments,  they are barely able to get by in order for them to make a decent living and provide for their families. You know honest work for honest pay? Yet rich families do not wish for the lower middle class worker to be able to do honest work for better than honest pay just for them to live “The American Dream” I have nothing against people to make a living and becoming successful nor am I jealous. What I do not understand are why employees are not allowed to live their American Dream in which they should be entitled to. Why should the American Dream only benefit the rich,  the elite and not the lower to middle class person? Why is this a double standard? In some of the debates I had with people asking me,  well if they do not like their jobs,  why do not they look for other jobs? OK fair question. My answer can be broken down to the following:
(A) They would find it difficult looking for jobs while they are presently working and most job interviews are 9:00 AM  – 5:00 PM  with very few exceptions,  not to mention their employers would be suspicious and might consider even firing them causing additional financial hardships and stress;


(B) If they take the day off,  they might not get paid and most lower to middle class employees are living from paycheque to paycheque and taking days off means lower take home pay. In other words,  they are in a predicament.

   Also on an entirely different note,  I have debated different topics with various people giving respect to their viewpoints,  listening to them and responding back to them with professional courtesy and respect. We live in a so-called “free speech” and democratic society. With this privilege we all somehow take for granted,  allows us the ability to write your thoughts on blogs,  social media, write articles, go on the air on radio as well as on television, and give presentations stating your views without slander and hatred.

    Only recently I came across a certain person who instead of debating with courtesy and respect,  decided to put me down intellectually by saying that I do not know what I am talking about and that I am also ignorant. For most who know me,  I am a person who is very fortunate to have the ability to write and to be able to put my thoughts effectively on paper. I was in the commercial broadcasting industry for 30 years (25 years at the same organization) and have been on the air occasionally. I now volunteer on a community radio station and will soon be volunteering on another radio station. I go on the air and without conviction, express my opinions in a way that I do not offend anyone while at the same time respect the person and their views. To be able to think,  analyze and convey my thoughts down “on paper” has always been a strong point with me and my strengths are in my writing abilities. To be called ignorant or to be “laughed” at completely cancels out any logical viewpoint or opinion that individual may have. Despite any scholastic or educational upbringing a person may have does not mean you treat anyone else with disrespect. I always have lived by the “Golden Rule” and raised my two sons by this. Also my views besides my educational background also has to do with common sense and logic. What I do not do is insult people or because they might not agree with me is to call them “ignorant”. That I do not forgive and as a result I have blocked and unfriended this person from my Facebook friends. I want to make people aware of the things that are going on but at the same time invite opinions both for and against. We learn and acquire knowledge each and every day in our lives,  however no matter where one stands for one side or the other, when you get down to it,  it is all about respect not insults or derogatory remarks.

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