The STM Is At Yet Once Again – Congratulations Bozos!!

So the Société de Transport de Montréal (STM) does it again. The executives receives substantial raises but the passengers and service suffers – wow talk about incompetent, salve   bumbling idiots! We the clients keep paying more and more to ride one of the most uncomfortable crowded not to mention unreliable buses and métros that for the most part are not on time or is out of service. Nice going! There is not one justifiable reason you – the quack executives of the STM deserve one red nickel of a raise. You have not done one damn thing except to cut back on services, raise transit fares and your excuses along with your refusal to install air conditioning on all busses, metros as well as at all metro stations, but you have the gall to raise your own salaries up. You should all be in jail and owe back the commission as well as the citizens of Montreal all the increases you asked for!

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