War – Does It Solve Anything?


     It is amazing to me that in this century, view there has been very little change in the hatred, prescription the prejudice and the out and out injustice on the cruelty we all have for our fellow human beings. What am I talking about? The answer is simple – war! You can not be more plain and simple than that. Any life taken is one too many. The people that live on this small planet that breathes the same air, medicine has the same blood, has feelings, emotions and sensitivity have taken all we live for granted. The people whose lives were taken way too early and tragically makes me wonder why. Why are lives taken away?

    So often the many people who lost their lives were innocent human beings. Children the purest and most innocent people rely on their parents and loved ones who are supposed to teach them right from wrong. For most children, they are taught to live not to hate, they are taught to talk things out and resolve issues of conflict logically and respectfully; not to fight, injure or murder. They are educated properly and to be taught to question the things that are not right and to suggest things and implement ideas to make things better for all.

    Unfortunately though, there are situations whereby children are taught by parents and loved ones to hate and to fight needlessly because they are taught to do so. Those children in turn grow and they teach their children, hence, this circle of life is one of danger and evil.

    No matter where conflicts take place, war is never a solution. War is a cowardly way out of resolving conflicts. War and hatred are primitive emotions without any foundation and purpose. The bravest and courageous things that anyone can ever do is to sit down and talk peace. End the violence, the hatred and bloodshed. When peace and respect works, it is the most intellectual, courageous and the best thing people can ever do. No matter where the conflicts are, just imagine if you were to lose a loved one.


    No matter which country might be responsible, the lives of innocent people are at stake. There are far too many innocent people who lives were taken without reason. They were people who work to support their families and loved ones. They make an honest living and all they want to do is live in peace and partake in the joys of happiness their family, friends and loved ones have. These people would like to perhaps to out and visit other people or go out and have a nice meal somewhere, or celebrate a festive occasion such as a wedding, or birthday without fear of leaving their homes and having to seek refuge because of an impending strike by a bomb, missile, or become victims of the acts of beheading, or any other horrifying catastrophes.

    A perfect example of this would be a 14 year old Montreal high school school student by the name of Jordan Ohana who went to Israel for the first time to take a tour of the country. The fear and the fact that he had to return home early for his safety and well being is an example of how war affects the routines of people who just want to live in Health, Happiness,  Peace, and Prosperity. I was scared for Jordan who just wanted to visit Israel and partake in the wonderful experience what it feels to be home in the State of Israel.


    For the United Nations whose business seems to condemn only the State Of Israel, this is unacceptable. What needs to be condemned is the act of anyone responsible for deciding to go to war and to murder or injure innocent people. This is unacceptable and wrong – period! The people responsible; no matter where and no matter who, should be fully accountable and should be held in the highest scrutiny and be heavily penalized to the fullest extent of the law.


    War is wrong. Murder is wrong. For the people who demonstrate hatred no matter what side you are on, that is wrong. Instead of hatred, focus all of your energy in the preservation of life and Peace for all. For people around the world, you should unite and put pressures on your fellow politicians to enforce peace not war. The only people who win are the extremists, the politicians, as well as the people who manufacture weapons and ammunition to use in the destruction of homes and the senseless murders of innocent people.

    I am not pro any country, I am pro peace. I am for people who live side by side and respect one another no matter what their religion, race, or skin colour may be. I have many friends – some that are Jewish and some that are not. No matter who my friends are, we have one thing in common, the promotion of peace, goodwill, respect, and love. For those who might think I am naïve, perhaps so, however if you were G-D forbid in a situation to have lost a loved one in a country of war, would you not want the same thing? Would you not ask the same questions why the devistation,  destruction, and such barbaric acts of hatred?

    There was a Facebook photo where one Palestinian child and one child from Israel had their arms around one another. They were smiling and happy. This is what I am talking about. Are adults that are responsible for these hideous acts of violence not understand what the meaning of life and how fragile we all are to live together on the same planet? How ignorant can these people be? What gives them the right to be judge, jury, and executioner and to make innocent people suffer or take their lives?

     Life is precious for all to share and enjoy. We should live life to the very fullest – without sorrow, pain and anguish. It is not for people who scream and crying in so much pain having to bury their young children, spouses, families, friends and loved ones. I grow angry of the taking of lives. These outragious acts are unacceptable,  and dispicable!


    A few weeks ago, I was coming back from the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival, where I bumped into a Sephardic Jewish person. He and I had a conversation and I saw the fear and horror in his eyes. He was frightened to wear his Star Of David around his neck for fear of violence against his life. He also told me about a friend of his who was walking home one evening and was on his cell phone having a conversation with someone talking about the ongoing violence in the Middle East. Two people were in a car in Outremont shouting “Hi Hitler” to him as they overheard his conversation. This took part here in Montreal. Montreal! A city that is supposed to be multi cultural – thousands of miles from where one of the conflicts are taking place. Instead of hating one religion, people – no matter where they live and no matter what their origins are, band together and shout words of encouragement – not hatred or the destruction of one country over another.

    Nobody ever wins in a war and one life that is taken is one life too many. The spilling of blood and the teardrops must end. Life is too precious and often taken for granted. Everyday we must embrace life not fear it! G-D wants Peace, Health, Happiness and Love – not the crying and screams of people who watch from all over the world or live in countries where wars are an everyday occurence  and lives are routinely lost. As the late John Lennon of The Beatles would say, “All We Are Saying Is Give Peace A Chance!”

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