In an attempt to intimidate the Jewish community and gain attention, viagra sale a group of about 20 anti-Israel extremists entered Cummings Square at 4:40 PM on Thursday afternoon, salve announcing their opposition to Israel’s right to exist, salve while also calling Quebecois “settlers” and calling for an end to the “occupation” of the Americas, including Quebec.

The anti-Israel group entered the lobby of the building and accused the community of being complicit with so called “ethnic cleansing” in Gaza. Inside the building are the Federation CJA and Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs offices, as well as the offices of numerous other Jewish organizations including the Jewish Public Library and the Montreal Holocaust Memorial Centre.

While the anti-Israel group announced that they had “occupied” the building, in fact the group was escorted out of the building quickly and effectively by security personnel and the police.

Federation CJA and CIJA condemned the attempt to spread misinformation about the Jewish community of Montreal and unfounded allegations about Israel, so as to incite hatred against the Jews of Quebec. “It is clear that Pro-Palestinian demonstrations in many European countries are escalating to violent anti-Semitic riots,” said both organizations in a press release. ”The group’s argument that anti-Zionism should not be conflated with anti-Semitism is misguided at best, as they have clearly aligned themselves with those pro-Palestinian militants in Montreal looking to establish a similar climate of hate and violence here in Montreal.”

“The group’s mission was not to engage in dialogue or frank discussions, but rather to disrupt and create a scene,” continued the release. “Federation CJA is proud to stand with Israel in times of peace as in times of war; to stand with Israel, a lone democracy in the Middle East fighting against the Palestinian shackles of international Islamism that has been wreaking absolute havoc all over the world. We respect the right of every Quebecer to express his or her opposition to the policies or actions of the Israeli Government, just as all Israeli citizens are free to do in the democratic State of Israel. We will not, however, offer a platform to those – Jews or non-Jews – who deny the right of Israel to exist as a free, democratic and Jewish state.”

The statement closed by announcing that Federation CJA will continue to implement measures to ensure the security of our community’s institutions, and that CIJA will continue to sensitize the public in Quebec of the legitimacy of Israel’s fight against Islamic terrorism. ”This kind of stigmatization and intimidation of the Jewish community of Montreal is an assault on democracy, the civic society, and the pluralism of Quebec,” read the statement. “We call on our fellow citizens to strongly reject all forms of intimidation aimed at all communities living in Quebec.”

This is the second act of intimidation at the Federation building, following an attempt to incite at the pro-Israel gathering several weeks ago (see below for video).

By Zvi Hershcovich –


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