CNN is like many big media companies all over the world that profits along with shareholders, case are the number one thing for them and the heck with loyalty of the dedicated years of services their former or ex employees puts into any of these companies. Very few people make the real big money in media. It is the love as well as the passion that compels people to work in the media. It should be about ideas, order learning, teamwork and not about the fact it is not if you get fired but when you get fired as one of my former management and most respected colleagues said about this business. It is really too bad this has to be this way.

Yes I understand that media is a business and they need to make a profit, but you mean to tell me that any of these big companies are suffering? Really? Let us get out the violins because that is the biggest bs I had ever heard. There are many people that are not even making close to 6 figures and even their five figure salaries have been paid out because of their hard work on very high pressures assignments, deadlines, and very long and crazy hours yet under the heaviest criticism and scrutiny on their employment evaluations as well as orally at their respective show or news meetings. These long hours are done because the people in the media want to do it and their love and everlasting committments for their jobs, only to get fired and their replacements that are hired, start off much younger and again very much underpaid and they are almost slaves to the management. It is not about making the big bucks, but is their love and passion for the business no matter what area of the media from the front of the camera or the microphone to behind the scenes (just as essential and important) from the control room to the production studios to the editing / video suites. Everything comes together with commitment and pride with one team in one organization.

The big broadcasting companies throughout the world say the word “branding”. Sure it is always nice to promote their businesses and promise great products as well as their superior customer service. Superior customer service? From where? Pakistan? India? What about in North America? You know keeping the jobs here and paying them properly along with benefits? You know keeping their people employed and not laid off so they can pay their fair share of taxes both provincial, state, and / or federal instead of being on the unemployment line and perhaps even the welfare scrolls? Yet the people being let go are constantly under right winged people in governments and in the media that are angry they have filed for unemployment insurance or welfare. Do they think that is a cake walk? Do you think that people who have worked at jobs they once loved want to be on unemployment insurance or on welfare? I have no sympathy for the top CEO’s or management I really could not care less if they lose sleep or not. Their job and tasks are done and as one minute the employee has a job to the next minute the employee is without a job and is worried sick where their next paycheque will be coming from. The CEO’s will sleep plenty knowing they will make the big money, drive their fancy cars and live in a big house in the suburbs. Once again, I hear the violins playing.

Of course this is not only in media but many other places where big huge companies are concerned. Look at the big box stores like Walmart, and fast food chains for example. Their profits are through the roof. Their CEO’s are raking in the dough but they pay their employees barely over minimum wage. You mean they would not be making a profit by keeping their employees longer and not laying them off? Do you think thes big companies would go out of business? Capitalistic societies or not, employers and CEO’s should be accountable and they should pay substantial penalties and even to the point of landing up in jail. Yes jail! Someone has to accept responsibility for the severe unemployment problems that is occurring all over the world. The filthy rich has the audacity and absolute nerve like the Koch. Brothers to eliminate the minimum wage paid to their employees along with unions.

Oh by the way the people that are being let go especially the seasoned employee that has been in the same job for many years that is being laid off, do you think it is easy for them to find a job especially those in very specific and specialized positions within their industry? Well think again people! I feel very bad for this former CNN employee and I really hope that some other company will hire her and keep her on indefinitely. My heart and thoughts go out to the many people who also have dedicated with pride their professionalism and dedication however fell victim to very big cold hearted companies and CEO’s who make it their mission to let people go despite their loyalty and commitment to their former organizations. It shows to me the type of society we live in at the hands of the most selfish, inconsiderate, and out and out backstabbing people yet the people responsible simply get away with this and many people simply turn their heads with absolutely no sympathy, no help and no compassion to help their fellow man no matter how old and in the amount of years people have worked at companies. This makes me sick to my stomach – enough said!

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