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HARRISBURG, healing Penn./Frank Cotolo – It is difficult this week to focus on any one issue when the political atmosphere is swarming with enough topical controversies to make Robert Duvall’s hair grow back. So, story we offer you some political tidbits from the U.S.A. scene which may or may not have pertinence to the political world.

From Texas comes an unusual site, doctor a rowdy crowd of Christians jeering Sen. Ted Cruz, the Republican from Texas who usually woos the religious right and embarrasses opponents with his “Sorrowful Jones” facial expressions. Speaking to Middle Eastern Christians, Cruz said that he was sad there were people in the audience “consumed with hate” and that started the jeers. Cruz didn’t hang around to face his opponents; he walked off stage. The only louder noise in the hall was that of conservative talk-show host Mark Levin, who screamed back at the crowd in defense of Cruz.

Losing Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has been making personal appearances again and some Republicans are urging him to seek the nomination in 2016, this time seeking the endorsement of Jeremy Jones, a famous skateboarding champ who is also a Mormon. Romney recently said President Obama’s foreign policy “has not been good for America.” His supporters praised Romney for the acute expression insinuated in that remark, urging him to run for President again. Romney also said, “We don’t have a President that knows what to do.” Supporters immediately printed “Romney in 2016” T-shirts and handed them out to people in Utah. But then, when Romney asked people to “support” the President as he takes steps fighting militant terrorists, his backers returned to the streets of Broadway in New York City to protest the hit play, “The Book of Mormon.”

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was on the road with Romney and some Republicans continued to blame the governor for Romney’s defeat. “When Christie shook hands with Obama,” said one Romney fan, “my whole family puked at once. It cost us hundreds of dollars to have a rug cleaning service take all the stains out, as well as it cost our candidate the election.” Christie was asked if he is looking at a run for the White House in 2016. A source close to Christie said, “Yes, definitely, without a doubt, but you didn’t hear it here.”

Former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney is now a political analyst for CNN. Recently, he said the President would give more speeches on television if the networks would let him. A reporter then asked Jay if he was related to the Oscar-winning, late actor Art Carney, who was born Arthur William Matthew Carney in 1918 in Mount Vernon, N.Y. and was the youngest of six sons of Edward Michael Carney and Helen Farrell Carney. Jay said, “I can understand people making the connection, especially since our family names are the same. But I assure you that Art Carney, who was born Arthur William Matthew Carney in 1918 in Mount Vernon, N.Y. and was the youngest of six sons of Edward Michael Carney and Helen Farrell Carney, is not related to my family. I guess it is a common name.”

Critics of U.S. federal regulations are complaining about the FDA policing what it calls suspicious French daily products. The FDA is considering a ban on delicious cheese from France because, it claims, the cheese may contain a bacteria that can become a menace to the country’s health. Tess Bundathrow, spokesperson for the We Eat Cheese No Matter What Society, said, “The government has no right to think that Roquefort or St. Nectaire or Mobier or Tomme de Savoie cheese is going to make us ill. The French aren’t dropping like flies eating it and you know the old saying, ‘Fifty million Frenchmen can’t be wrong’? Well that says it all now, doesn’t it?” Meanwhile, the French cheese industry is thinking of stopping exports of any French cheese that has a name an English-speaking person cannot pronounce correctly.

Another poll taken recently reveals that a majority of Americans still consider Watergate a serious matter, unless you are under the age of 40, then, most people don’t have a clue what Watergate means. One younger respondent thought Watergate was the controversial torture method. Another said it was a beach in New Jersey. Another said it was the downfall of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Speaking of younger people, Millenials will soon represent 40 percent of the U.S. voting population and will be a crucial demographic for any candidate to conquer. Conservatives and Republicans have the most to lose from this group. One young Republican congressman said that Millenials want candidates “that are cool” and “technology, specifically computer stuff, is prompting younger people to care about the economy, privacy and language. The GOP is beginning to speak the Millenials’ lingo. Soon a GOP candidate will be their shizzle and shizzle their nizzle, you see what I mean?”

Rand Paul with his trademark hairstyle cropped.

Rand Paul with his trademark hairstyle cropped.

Finally, a growing number of voters from both parties and Independents are beginning to seriously look at Rand Paul as the best possible Republican candidate in 2016. “No one can stand on a stage an compete with Rand Paul,” said an Independent voter asked if any other candidate could stand on a stage and compete with Rand Paul. “All the other possible candidates are vague, while Rand Paul is, well, not vague, and that attracts voters who are tired of the same old candidates that are, well, vague.” A Paul supporter said, “Once you get by Rand’s hair style, you see that he is legitimate and a conduit for the path of the country’s future.” Another supporter said, “To find a conduit that can be a candidate is a concept that confuses many. But a conduit candidate can create courageous calls in the capital and concur with controversial corners of policy that cause conundrums and crystallize conservatives to congregate for the heck of it.”



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