Recently I had a friendly discussion with a former work colleague and good friend of mine that I might be too biased about my viewpoints about the way medium to big companies treat their employees and eventually get rid of them and replace them with younger lower paid workers. My friend mentioned to me because this had happened to me last year that I was painting all the medium to large scale organizations with the same brush. As I thought about what he said, price I had to admit to myself and convey this to my readers that he might very well be right!

    Part of debating and discussing a point of view is the ability to listen, price think and learn. It is not necessarily mean that you are right or you may be wrong. This is part of what life is all about – to learn, listen and think with an open mind,  evaluate your options and make smart choices or formulate your opinions or hypothesis. Sometimes it takes a reminder from someone to open up one’s eyes and re-examine and re-evaluate your way of thinking things out intelligently and that I thank my friend for pointing this out (no sarcasm here).

    Let me start by saying the following:
    For companies no matter what size – small,  medium, and large that treat their employees fairly, honestly, pay a good salary along with a comprehensive benefits package, and mutual respect between the company and their employees (respect after all is a two way street), deserves to be recognized and promoted to all. For the employees who have worked in companies for many years and have been rewarded with a higher based performance pay,  bonuses, money towards education, etc., I salute these companies for giving their employees a safe and very positive working environment to foster talent, improve growth and make the employees want to learn and move up the ladder that much faster.

    There is no question that  happy employees will be very devoted and dedicated employees and will continue with the utmost integrity and professionalism towards his or her jobs. As a result of this, the employees will work during breaks and stay later to ensure the job is done and done properly to achieve and / or exceed the organizations’ expectations / deadlines. It is a win – win situation and everyone will come out ahead in the end. The organization is a happy place and their employees will be working for a very long time and be retained longer by the company. I really would love to hear and see a list of companies and I would be more than happy to hear such positive and inspirational stories on the goodwill of organizational corporate culture to recognize,  nurture, retain, promote, and compensate employees fairly. For those companies which practice and initiate training programs, wellness programs, I salute all of those and would be more than happy to mention these places on my blogs as well as on social media. These places should be mentioned as well as promoted because they are doing something right – a bright side of capitalism.

    I am not against capitalism and I am certainly not against businesses making a profit, however,  there is a right way and a wrong way of going about this and companies that make profits but at the same time treating their employees well is good business and sound ethical and morale practices that should be a glowing example of places that fail to do this. .

    So for all you good companies out there and the people who are happy working at these companies, please let me know the names of these organizations because I would absolutely love to work at organizations and alongside people like you and would be more than happy to share your optimistic and happy stories with the public. So there I am being open honest and thank you very much to my friend for this inspiration to put this on my blog.


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