To the people and the citizens of Ottawa –  the city I once lived and called home, cialis my heart and thoughts go out to all of you. To the soldier Corporal Nathan Cirillo and his family, buy my heart and thoughts go out to them. To the soldiers in Quebec whose lives were lost as well as their families, viagra 100mg my heart and thoughts go out to you as well.

    To the cowards anywhere who believe they are entitled to take lives of innocent people – you are bastards and should be punished to the fullest extent of the law!

    Whether or not anyone who reads my article and believing this is a terrorist attack, that is not true. These killings are copy cat killings with one of the killings in Quebec being attributed to schizophrenia and not a terrorist cell. The second killings and shootings in Ottawa, Michael Bibeau has an extensive criminal record with drug charges. The only thing they both had in common were that they converted to Islam and had their passports confiscated. There was no confirmation that they had any association with ISIS.

    What really failed is our medical system that could have possibly helped these people or at least attempted to help these people (there are no guarantees this could have helped), unfortunately, now we will never know. Rouleau should have been hospitalized in a psychiatric facility as he was a danger not only to himself but to others. The warning signs were there however, no one saw this and perhaps everyone might have still been alive.

    I call upon people to reflect and heal. I call on people to think rationally and critically not with hatred and vengeance.

   The taking of life is a very tragic and painful thing and unless you either know of someone or G-D forbid been a victim of injury or having to console your family and loved ones of a victim (s) whose life or lives have been tragically taken, one cannot fully know and understand about the pain and anguish of going through such a difficult time.

    We cannot paint people with the same brush no matter what their country of origin may be. We have to look at the individuals themselves and not their geographical coordinates. How did Michael Bibeau get his gun? Was it a licensed firearm and if not, how did he obtain it? The sooner people open up their minds, the better as a society we will all be. The prejudice and the bloodshed must stop.

    May the people who fell victims of these tragedies rest in peace as well as their families be spared any further sorrow and anguish and start the process of morning, and healing!

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