As much as I am for public transportation – you know for the environment as well as to reduce traffic going in and out of the city, recipe it is absolutely amazing of what, pilule why and how people believe they can get away with.

    I cannot even imagine how many times this has personally happened
to me – never mind to my partner, price however, wonders never cease on the sure ignorance as well as the total disregard or lack of respect to their fellow passengers who also (whether they have the choice or not) to use or need public transportation in order to get around.

    What issues am I talking about you ask? Well, for one thing, when waiting for the bus or subway to arrive at my stop and yours truly being the first person in the line of passengers waiting for my scheduled bus or subway to arrive, all of a sudden instead of being the first person in line, now I find myself to be the second or sometimes even third in line. Why? For the illogical reason(s) that some passengers seem to feel that they are more important than others; therefore feeling that they are not only entitled to push in front of not only myself, but to other people also waiting in line for the bus or subway as well.

    Do not get me wrong, if there are people who are elderly or have a physical ailment(s) , have young kids, etc, I would be more than happy to have them go ahead of me ensuring they would have a better opportunity to get a seat on the bus or subway without hesitation whatsoever. However, I have denied other people by moving in front of them, blocking entry, or to even tell them to go to the back of the line when they decided to push in because they do not feel like waiting in line. Well isn’t that too bad!

    Second thing that really upsets me is that when on the bus or subway, that students (no matter if it is high school, college, or university), seem to feel that it is okay to wear their knapsacks and not remove them from their backs and carry them by hand. These knapsacks are very heavy as well as bulky and I, along with my partner, have been hit many times with these knapsacks. I have asked students to remove them and in only one case when one student refused to take off his knapsack, when the rear door opened to let people off on a bus stop, I threw the knapsack as well as pushed the student off the bus. In that instance, I was hit several times by the same student, plus the fact that he was very rude and refused to take off the knapsack. Therefore I had no choice as this was the last thing I wanted to do hopefully, this made that person think the next time he decides to wear his knapsack on public transit. Anything thing that really gets my goat is when either the buses or subways are crowded and empty seats are at a premium, the fall of people to take up a seat by putting their clothing, knapsacks, or their feet on an occupied seat! Excuse me, would they do it at home? What gives them the right or deprive other people who would like to sit down and travel to their destination in somewhat comfort? Once again, there was an empty seat and I wanted to sit down and the swat in question had somebody’s foot on it with clothes and a knapsack on it. I politely asked the person to kindly remove his belongings from the seat. He ignored me. I asked him again and once again, there was no response. So I just decided to just sit down on his leg. He finally got the message, vacated the seat and went off the same sector subway car I was on, got off and went to the next subway car and since there were no seats available, had to stand up and endure his commute.

    Public transportation is just what it says. It is for the public use. Granted it is not just the city I presently reside in as I realize that it happens in every major city around the world. It is about people being nice, considerate, and respectful to all other people who are in the same situation and need basic, and reliable transportation in order to go to school, doctor appointments, and other errands.

    So anyone out there that use public transit, please think and be respectful towards your fellow human beings. Thank you for reading. Take care and be well?!


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