How Safe Are The STM Buses – Really?

As a person who frequently uses public transportation as well as car sharing services to get around, my confidence was extremely shattered after seeing what had happened to a STM bus along one of Montreal’s highways. The bus as it was on its route to its destination with customers aboard suddenly caught on fire. Despite the way on how the passengers, along with the driver of the bus, got out safely without injury makes me wonder on the reason on why the bus caught on fire.

The bus in question was one of the 550 buses that returned from being recalled –  yet this unfortunate happening occurred. These buses manufactured by Nova Bus have been questioned many times because of its inconsistency when it comes to its reliability and quality of the vehicles that roll out of their manufacturing plant. If you go back in history on Quebec governments, they were not crazy about having to pay for the contract of the manufacturing of buses outside of the borders of the province of Quebec. The Quebec governments insisted that buses be made here in Quebec in order for the STM along with other transit commissions to receive the maximum subsidies and funding to pay for these buses. General Motors used to manufacture the STM buses and were without question made far superior in the past than the way Nova Bus manufactures the buses for the STM today. There were questions started to come out about the possibility in having portable ramps for their wheelchair clients so they would be able to get off the bus faster, however that was dismissed quickly by the STM. The STM quickly responded by saying that their bus drivers are trained for evacuation as well as the use and operation of the wheelchair accessibility ramps aboard the buses.

As of now, there is an ongoing investigation to determine what happened and the cause of the fire which completely destroyed the bus. there will be many questions raised and once again the trust of the STM will come into question yet once more. Between the facts and investigation needed to answer many of these questions and safety concerns, along with the STM continually to dismiss our questions, makes people wonder the safety as well as the reliability of the STM, the Quebec government, along with the Nova Bus. There is plenty of blame to go around here.


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