SECACUS, cialis N.J./Frank Cotolo – Controversy ensues concerning President Obama’s desired trade legislation to the point where members of his party are as adamant about opposing it as are opposing parties are adamant about opposing anything the President proposes.

“Democrats are angry, capsule too, help ” said a political contact used by this column when few other people involved in government care to speak, “because they want to trade opinions with people on the other side of the aisle. Instead, Democrats find that the opposition also opposes the President’s position on the issue. So, it’s a mess because the opposition doesn’t oppose the opinion of their opposition when it is clear that each should have a position that opposes the opposition.”

When a Congressional secretary was asked about the tension between the opposition, not the oppositions’ position against the President, she said, “I suppose the opposed are closed to the opposition.”

President Obama’s strongest Democrat voice of opposition is Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts. Recently, she fired back at the President when he said her position of opposition was bad for the country.

“She’s wrong,” said the President.

“No I am not wrong,” responded Sen. Warren.

“She isn’t wrong,” said another Democrat in opposition to the President’s position.

“I stand with the President,” said one of the Democrat that opposes the opposing Democrats’ position.

The President fired back at Warren, saying, she is wrong on this issue.

Warren fired back at the President, saying she is right and he is wrong.

Insiders say all of the fighting is on the Democrats’ aisle. One Republican blogger, who goes by a few by-lines, including Scotty Wotty, Bailey Daley, Brian W. Cantinflas and Senor Juaves Maniscalco, wrote, “On the conservative side of the aisle, senator Orin Hatch was busy trying to pass a law that boat doors cannot use his name any longer and no one mentioned the trade deal.”

The issue itself has become clouded by the opposition factor. President Obama wants a “fast track” trade authority that allows a President to present trade agreements that Congress can ratify or reject but now amend. |

One Democrat spokesperson from the Senate said, “Our party wants to be able to change things in trade agreements. Why should a President be able to make passing a trade bill so simple? A trade bill or any bill should be a community effort, with the involvement of everyone, which is why I use the concept of community.”

Another source close to the Congress said, “No one is saying this but I will say it and you can print it as long as you don’t use my name because I want to keep my job and continue to get all the great benefits that my job offers, the truth is that many Democrats opposing the President’s position on the trade deal are hurt that the President wants to leave us out of making changes. I am talking hurt, like some of them shed tears and one was so sad that he or she, I cannot tell you, left his or her seat just after he or she voted and went to a local ice cream parlor where he or she broke a seven-month diet by eating a double banana split.”

Fisticuff Johnson, a radical conservative blogger, quickly got the attention of the anti-Obama public when he wrote, “It is one more move that Obama wants to make to strengthen his power so that when the next general election is approaching he can announce that there will be no general election because he is staying on as the chief dictator and then no one gets to make changes in anything. He will open the borders and …” Johnson stopped writing at that point and locked himself in a place he called “secure until the revolution.”

Ricky Olifactory, who is writing an unauthorized biography of President Obama for release after the next President is elected, said, “It may take a few decades but President Obama is going to be revealed as the only President who did not have Dyslexia. It’s a fact that may not make sense at this moment but when it is accepted in the history of our country we will know that he was right to want fast-track power.”

Karl Rove was unavailable for comments.

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