Boy, does the province of Quebec really tick me off! They do not give a damn for their citizens – English or French. All they care about is disturbing linguistic peace of both languages. They do not care about their economy. They do not care about Health, Education, Public Transportation and Infrastructure; for there never seems to be any money for any of the essential things their citizens both English or French deserve, but when it comes to “protecting the French language” – they always find a way to increase the budgets for SSJB as well as the OQLF language thugs. What a bunch of arrogant, uneducated, stupid  and blundering idiots.

    If I had the means to do so, I would get the hell out of here so fast without so much as looking back. Once again the Quebec Liberal Party has failed out with their Austerity programs affecting the health and social services with Bill 10 however I do not see the Couillard government using their Austerity measures on Bill 101 to cut the budgets of the SSJB or the OQLF.

    As far as the Quebec Liberals – especially in ridings with significant Anglophone populations are concerned, you have failed all of them and you are liars in fighting for their linguistic rights. The only thing you want is power, and money. The Quebec Liberal Party, like the C.A.Q are just like the P.Q. The only difference between those 3 political parties is that the P.Q. would like to separate from the rest of Canada while the Liberals or the C.A.Q does not. The things that all parties have in common is the annihilation or the limitations of the English language by means of a backward bill which does not nothing but want to make anyone who is not French want to leave and move elsewhere.

    Perhaps if these blockheads would increase funding for Healthcare, Education, Public transportation and our infrastructure, and get rid of these f**ked up language bill 101, everyone living in Quebec would strongly benefit and would consider returning home. What a bunch of morons.

    If I were running these stores or any businesses in Quebec, I would close them up, pack up and move elsewhere so fast outside of the province which would create a very big negative impact on the Quebec economy. In addition, these stores have a very strong legal staff on their payrolls which would most likely get these charges dismissed. It is the small – family run businesses that do not have the means legally or financially that could fight this law on an individual level. Perhaps if all companies were to somehow get together, as they say there is strength in numbers, there would be better opportunities to discourage the Quebec governments along with the possibilities of abolishing these language laws once and for all! We need to deal with this by hitting the Quebec government where it counts – right in their pocketbooks!

    Felicitations encore mais Québec sait faire. Québec sait faire – mon pied! You – hoo – the idiots running Quebec and you S.O.B’s over at the SSJB & OQLF – take a long walk off a short pier! You are an embarrassment not only to the people living in Quebec, but an embarrassment to the rest of the world. I ask all of you to please post and share this story of “linguistic racism” and sheer ignorance on all social media platforms as well as media outlets. Please note the link for an online petition below. Please feel free to post and share this petition also on all social media platforms.




It is time to put an end to these language laws as well as the bureaucratic departments once and for all. Thank you. Take care and be well!

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