Jerusalem- An increasing number of young Jewish extremists in Israel insist that the time is “now” to build the Third Temple, medical and that provoking unrest in the already tense Temple Mount location is the means to an end in accomplishing their goal. ( reports that one such extremist is 20 year-old Aviya Morris, treat who during a visit to Temple Mount two weeks ago got into a heated exchange with Palestinian women outside al-Aqsa mosque, online causing her brief detention by Israeli authorities after yelling, “Muhammad is a pig.”

Morris, who was visiting the location with her husband and young child, claimed she was provoked by veiled Muslim women screaming, “Allahu Akbar” and “death to Jews” at her family, but that didn’t stop Israeli authorities from taking her in for questioning—- nor witnesses from videotaping the event which quickly found its way onto social media.

For her part, Morris says, “There’s no no good solution” to the conflicts that arise daily in the area, but that if were up to her and like-minded extremists “we’d rebuild now.”

“That’s our solution,” Morris said.


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