With India renovating Jewish heritage sites in the country, search its envoy to Israel has appealed to young Jews of Indian origin to utilise the ease of travelling to the land of their forefathers and to contribute in strengthening bilateral ties by connecting to their roots.

“We want to tell the world proudly about the rich Jewish life in India. With your efforts we are working to preserve the Jewish heritage in India and hope to have a package tour to Jewish heritage sites in Mumbai and elsewhere by early next year,” Ambassador Jaideep Sarkar told more than 3,500 Indian-origin Jews gathered here from all over Israel to celebrate the 3rd National Convention of Indian Jews in Israel.

Earlier this year, Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, during his visit to Israel, said his government would take initiatives to preserve the Jewish heritage sites in the state as it looked to promote tourism.“The state government is planning to celebrate 2017 as ‘Visit Maharashtra year’. By that time, we will create a lot of circuits for tourism. I feel if we could preserve the erstwhile Jewish heritage, a lot of tourists could come there,” Fadnavis had said.The Paravoor and Chennamangalam synagogues in Kochi, Kerala, were recently renovated and could be major attraction for the 25,000-strong Cochini Jews living in Israel.

Encouraging members of the community to pass on their rich tradition to generations to come, the Indian diplomat told the gathering about various schemes launched by the Indian Government like e-visa, and Know India Programme for children of Indian origin.He also urged them to consider the option of taking advantage of quality education at affordable prices available in India in the field of science, engineering and medicine which is recognised the world over.“The important thing is to continue what you began so well and pass on the spirit and idea behind the convention to the next generation. The house of Indian Jewish unity has a strong foundation. Now we have to build upon it,” Sarkar said.

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