If You Are Angry About The Political Party Or The Political System, Do Not Complain If You Do Not Vote!


    For many of those whom decide to complain, whine about your so – called favourite political party or the political system we have in Canada, if you do not wish to vote on October 19, 2015, then stop complaining.

    Like many of us who vote on federal, political, municipal, and school board elections, we whine, complain, and vent our frustrations on political parties, as well as our political systems. The people like myself; who since the age of majority, have been given the privilege to vote. I have been exercising my right as a citizen of this country to vote in each and every election. People ask me why do I even bother? The answer is simple. I vote on the party I believe would be in my best interest and would help make a better place for me; whether or not it is for services or for my peace and my family’s security. I have that right to express my opinion when I go to the polls.

     It is amazing as I get around our fair city, I hear many complaints from people – some I know and some I do not know about how bad the various political parties are, and they have done little – if any for them. Just recently I was at a shopping mall downtown and overheard a conversation between 4 people. They were frustrated on the political process along with the political parties however, not one of these people according to the conversation, said that they even bothered to vote.

    It seems as more and more of the elections come up, voter apathy is on the rise. People simply do not care. They ask why should they even bother to take their “valuable” time out to go to the polls, the parties will do what they want anyways. To me, I always took the time out to vote – why? To me, it is very important to vote and try to reshape who the next government is going to be. Then if I do have a beef with our political parties or our political systems, then I have every right to complain because I, as a person, who has been eligible to vote for many years, has exercised one of my most fundamental rights in saying how I feel at the polls.

    In many nations, people cannot exercise their fundamental rights, as they have no rights. They are either forced to vote for a certain party and should they not vote or vote for a different party, they could wind up in jail or even be executed! In other nations, they are ruled by dictators which can only be removed by a military coup!

     There is no such thing as a perfect political party. Unfortunately like the United States who can directly vote for the president, in Canada we can only vote in for the person representing the various political parties in the ridings we reside in. Also in the United States, a president can only rule for two terms. in Canada, the Prime Minister can hold power indefinitely as long as he or she keeps getting voted in. I believe in Canada, there should be a limit of no more than 3 terms a Prime Minister can hold power.

    Regardless of who you believe should best represent you as a citizen who has been giving the democratic freedom and right to vote, I urge each and every eligible person out there, to please go out and exercise the rights where many people had fought for and sacrificed their lives in the past and please vote. I will not tell you who to vote for, that is up to you to make the best decision based on who would be the best party to represent you! Should you choose not to go out and vote, then please keep your complaints to yourselves because you had the right to implement change, but you failed to do so. Can you imagine if an election was so close that could have made that difference in making the party you wanted to be in power but did not because you chose not to vote? That is something you would have to think about until the next federal election and that will be in another four years. Meanwhile you will have to suffer with the consequences, so do not come crying to me – do something about it; please exercise your rights on October 19, 2015 – go on out and vote!


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