Seven decades after the end of WWII, malady research by a French Catholic priest has finally uncovered the devastating truth about the carnage inflicted by Nazis against the Jews during Ukraine’s “Holocaust of Bullets.”  reports that what started out as genealogical research for Father Patrick Desbois, turned out to be a fact finding mission during which, for the first time, local villagers in the Polish-border region of Rava Ruska opened up about the atrocities they witnessed towards Jews at the hands of the Nazis.

The accounts of torture, rape, dehumanization, and mass murder included in Father Debois’ research spell some of the most gruesome accounts documented to date, while dispelling many ‘official’ accounts of the events documented in Ukranian history.

According to his research, some 2,000 mass Jewish graves have to date been uncovered, but with a sense of urgency Debois insists that there may be as many as 6,000 yet to be unearthed.

“The challenge is to collect the maximum amount of evidence about the killing of the Jews in these countries and find out about the mass graves,” Debois said.  “Tomorrow the witnesses will disappear and the deniers will overreact, saying that the Jews falsified the story.”


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