Jewish Voice for Peace is neither Jewish nor for peace. It’s the uglier cousin of J Street, which has invited JVP to its conferences. JVP’s board includes notable figures like actors Ed Asner and Wallace Shawn, alongside Judith Butler, who claimed that Hamas and Hezbollah are progressive organizations, Eve Ensler, the rotting Communist corpse of Howard Zinn, Noam Chomsky and Spielberg pal Tony Kushner, and son of Communist traitors the Rosenbergs, Robert Meeropol.

Think of that jury of the damned in the Devil and Daniel Webster and it would still be a step up from this gruesome bunch.

Here’s a sample chat about Hamas with some JVP people. It’s everything you expect.

“I don’t have a strong opinion [on Hamas],” said Lana Povitz, a rally leader who did confirm that Hamas is “not her favorite,” when asked her opinion on the Palestinian Islamist organization.

Hamas isn’t her fave. For JVP that’s a step up. But there’s always ISIS.

Povitz went on to say that condemning Hamas is not her “first fight,” a quarrel she is waging against the United States government, who she says “is much worse” than Hamas.

And yet Lana Povitz lives in America rather than Gaza. Odd isn’t it?

While sure of his outrage at “Israeli war-crimes” and the carnage caused by the summer offensive, Gaza’s militant rulers, who were filmed firing rockets only meters away from civilians, were demoted to a footnote rather than recognized as a major actor.

“It’s a difficult situation to speak on,” said the demonstrator before admitting that he was “not educated enough to say” if Hamas is or is not a terrorist organization.

It’s such a complicated and ambiguous question. Running around demanding a boycott against the Jews requires no education. But condemning a genocidal Islamist terror group requires a PhD.

By Daniel Greenfield – FrontPage Magazine

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