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The Truetalk Radio Network is a diverse media company that specializes in the production and distribution of radio programming. Founded in 1999, by Howie Silbiger, the network has produced various shows that have been syndicated nationally.
Truetalkradio.com merged with The Montreal Jewish News (mjnews.ca) in 2011 and offers blogs, opinion pieces, news stories and archives to some of the shows we produce.
We offer a live radio stream with original programming for your enjoyment.
Some of the shows produced by or for the Truetalk Radio Network:
  • The Howie Silbiger Show (2001 – still playing) A no holds barred call-in talk show that deals with many issues, specifically issues concerning the Montreal Jewish Community.
  • Musicludes (2004-Present) – A top 10 music show dealing highlighting music connected to different themes.
  • Marky Monday’s (2018-) A children’s show produced by Mark Pezzelato, a Toronto based music producer.
  • The Silbiger/Sedaka Hour (2002-2004) – A one hour call-in coast to coast discussion on news and politics. One host was in Montreal, Canada, the other somewhere in the states.
  • The House of Blue Lights (2001-2003) – A one hour music show featuring Jazz and Blues from the 1920s-1950s.
  • The Gumbo Show (2008-2010) – Hosted by Mark Pezzelato, a Toronto based music producer, the Gumbo Show highlighted upcoming Canadian musicians.

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