Jewish Voice for Peace is neither Jewish nor for peace. It’s the uglier cousin of J Street, which has invited JVP to its conferences. JVP’s board includes notable figures like actors Ed Asner and Wallace Shawn, alongside Judith Butler, who claimed that Hamas and Hezbollah are progressive organizations, Eve Ensler, the rotting Communist corpse of Howard Zinn, Noam Chomsky and Spielberg pal Tony Kushner, and son of Communist traitors the Rosenbergs, Robert Meeropol.

Think of that jury of the damned in the Devil and Daniel Webster and it would still be a step up from this gruesome bunch.

Here’s a sample chat about Hamas with some JVP people. It’s everything you expect.

“I don’t have a strong opinion [on Hamas],” said Lana Povitz, a rally leader who did confirm that Hamas is “not her favorite,” when asked her opinion on the Palestinian Islamist organization.

Hamas isn’t her fave. For JVP that’s a step up. But there’s always ISIS.

Povitz went on to say that condemning Hamas is not her “first fight,” a quarrel she is waging against the United States government, who she says “is much worse” than Hamas.

And yet Lana Povitz lives in America rather than Gaza. Odd isn’t it?

While sure of his outrage at “Israeli war-crimes” and the carnage caused by the summer offensive, Gaza’s militant rulers, who were filmed firing rockets only meters away from civilians, were demoted to a footnote rather than recognized as a major actor.

“It’s a difficult situation to speak on,” said the demonstrator before admitting that he was “not educated enough to say” if Hamas is or is not a terrorist organization.

It’s such a complicated and ambiguous question. Running around demanding a boycott against the Jews requires no education. But condemning a genocidal Islamist terror group requires a PhD.

By Daniel Greenfield – FrontPage Magazine

Hate crimes against London’s Jewish minority have surged over the last 12 months with an increase of 93.4% according to figures from the Metropolitan police. In the 12 months from July 2014, police recorded 499 anti-Semitic crimes in London compared with 258 in the same period the preceding year. The boroughs worst affected were Hackney and Barnet where respectively 122 and 120 instances were reported.

In a statement to IBTimes UK, the Met attributed the rise to several factors, including increased reporting, but said that greater focus on the capital’s 250,000-strong Jewish communities in the wake of events elsewhere had led to the spike.

“In light of recent world events, we know communities in London are feeling anxious,” the Met statement said. “Local neighbourhood policing teams are providing a more targeted presence in key areas at key times, such as school routes, holy days and prayer times to give extra reassurance.”

Commander Mak Chishty, MPS hate crime lead, said: “We will not tolerate hate crime and take positive action to investigate all allegations, support victims and arrest offenders.

“Victims of hate crime must be assured that they will be taken seriously by the police,” he added.

A spokesman for the Community Security Trust, which works to combat anti-Semitism in the UK, told IBTimes UK that, while numbers fluctuated, 2014 was a “record high” for anti-Semitic hate crime. He said this was due to “big trigger events” including the Israeli war in Gaza and the Charlie Hebdo attacks in January, which led to increased reporting. He explained that between 2010 and 2013 anti-Semitic crime had fallen, but that generally there had been an increase from 2000.

Islamophobia and crimes against London’s Muslim minority have also increased significantly in the same period. There has been a 71% rise according to the Met, with 816 offences recorded in the last 12 months, compared with 478 offences a year ago.

The police have said Muslim women are most likely to be targets of hate crime: “There are a number of reasons why Muslim women are targeted more than men. Their physical attire obviously says they are Muslim, they are normally by themselves and with children, and the cowardice shown by perpetrators is that it is easier to attack a woman with children than it is a man,” the Met said.


Officials confirmed today that supervisors at the Jewish Community Center of Metropolitan Detroit day camp failed to alert senior management last summer after an employee expressed concerns about the same camp counselor who was accused by authorities earlier this month of abusing young children.

Michael Layne, a spokesman for the Jewish Community Center, said in a statement that they uncovered the disturbing information last Friday. Layne said the JCC is conducting its own internal investigation.

“In the summer of 2014, JCC camp supervisory personnel received a communication from a camp counselor which raised inappropriate conduct by the counselor who ultimately was charged with criminal wrongdoing,” Layne said. “The information reported was not passed on to senior JCC management.  Supervisory personnel who did not act on this communication have been terminated. We have shared this information with licensing officials in Lansing and with the West Bloomfield police department.”

West Bloomfield Police Chief Michael Patton said his department is looking into the allegations.

“We’re looking at a number or things over there,”  Patton said. “There were some allegations that something was reported to some of the staff last year. Whether that has something to do with the current investigation, we’re looking at everything. We’re not saying that there’s no substance to it. Someone raised a red flag…  Our concern is, is this something that has evidentiary evidence?”

Patton said investigators are still trying to determine if there are more potential victims.

The new details come shortly after two sources told the Free Press that the JCC fired three employees on Wednesday over their mishandling of allegations of sexual abuse by Matthew David Kuppe, who was a counselor at the JCC day camp.

The West Bloomfield-based organization fired the 21-year-old Kuppe earlier this month after administrators found out he was being investigated for suspected abuse.

“We are heartsick that this matter has occurred,” Layne said. “Consistent with our long history of delivering positive experiences in our camp and early development programs, the safety of children in our care will continue to be our highest priority. We pledge to continue all efforts to be transparent and proactive in communicating with our camper families and the community.”

Patton said JCC officials have been cooperative with the investigation and have been in daily communication with police. Patton said he was aware of the firings, but he could not say whether they were related to ongoing investigation into Kuppe.

“Our investigation is still continuing into the allegations of what has occurred over there,” Patton said. “We’re looking at many different things. Mostly, the government’s concern and our concern right now is if there are more victims.”

Patton said it’s possible Kuppe can face charges on a state or local level, but it’s unclear at this point.

Kuppe appeared in federal court today for a preliminary examination. Kuppe spoke briefly, only to answer the judge’s questions. A not guilty plea was entered on his behalf.

A mother of a 7-year-old boy who participated in the camp and had direct contact with Kuppe, attended the hearing.

The mother, who asked not be named, said after the hearing that her special needs son cannot communicate well and it’s not yet known if he was abused..

“We don’t know,” the mother said. “It’s just very stressful. We’re living in the unknown.”

She said Kuppe taught her son “Minionese,” the fictional language used in the popular children’s movie, “The Minions.”

The woman said Kuppe was assigned to older children and was not supposed to be around small children.

“He was not supposed to be with my son,” she said. “He was granted permission when they were short-staffed… I am very concerned.”

She said she was informed recently that another counselor had reported “obscure, inappropriate behavior” by Kuppe last year but that he was hired back again this summer.

During today’s court hearing, the judge did not address a motion filed by Kruppe’s attorney, Walter Piszczatowski, asking that Kuppe be released on bond to the custody of his parents on specified conditions.

“Matthew Kuppe is a 21-year-old college student with no criminal history, strong family ties and a meritorious defense to the most serious charge, production of child pornography,” Piszczatowski wrote. “He remains incarcerated despite the fact there are numerous conditions that can be ordered as part of pretrial release to assure the safety of the community.”

Piszczatowski asked that the court schedule a hearing to address Kuppe’s detention.

Kuppe of West Bloomfield was charged this month with production, distribution, receipt and possession of child pornography and is in federal custody. Federal authorities say he abused several children and talked about them in graphic ways with others over the Internet, sharing photos he took of them while they were naked.

West Bloomfield Deputy Police Chief Curt Lawson said the department is in the process of interviewing additional victims.

“We’ve interviewed at least five different children,” Lawson said. “We’re going to interview more children down the road.”

Patton said police are continuing to interview parents, children and employees.

“The alleged victims here are small children and not always able to clearly articulate that they’re a victim of a crime,” he said. “…Some of the kids are aware of the allegations. They heard about this… they’re not totally isolated.”

Kuppe’s parents, Richard and Linda Kuppe, submitted sworn affidavits to the court, stating that they are willing to serve as third-party custodians of their son.

“We have lived in the same home since Matthew was four years old,” Richard Kuppe wrote. “Other than the three years he has lived in a dormitory at MSU, he has lived with us his entire life. My wife and I run our business out of our home. One of us can be physically present in the home at virtually all hours of the day and night.”

Richard Kuppe said he was willing to sign a bond and pledge their home as security for his son’s release.

“I am fully convinced that he will abide by any and all terms of his release and appear in court when and as required,” Richard Kuppe wrote.

Last week, Assistant U.S. Attorney Sara Woodward said investigators believe that some of the photos taken by Kuppe were of three 5-year-old boys earlier this month during an overnight camp stay. Woodward said Kuppe posted them on a image-sharing website based in Russia that is known to be “frequented by individuals with a sexual interest in children.”

Kuppe posted the boys’ photos in an online folder he titled “Jewish boys,” she said.

“These photos were taken and shared online and we can never get that back,” Woodward said. “… After he was arrested, there was an outcry in the community. This is every parent’s worst nightmare.”

By The Detroit Free Press

Hillary Clinton is in hot water for suggesting today that a Republican president might ’round up’ illegal immigrants and send them back across the border to Mexico in ‘boxcars.’

‘I just find that not only absurd, but appalling,’ she told reporters at the Democratic National Committee’s Summer Meeting in Minneapolis.

She did not indicate whom her ire was aimed at and bypassed a reporter who attempted to ask a follow up question about the ‘boxcar’ theory.

The Republican National Committee subsequently accused her of lobbing a Holocaust slur at its Oval Office candidates.

Allison Moore, national press secretary for the RNC, said in a statement to Daily Mail Online: ‘Not 24 hours removed from calling Republicans terrorists, Hillary Clinton reached a new low today hurling Holocaust references at her political opponents.

‘Hillary Clinton may be getting desperate over her sinking poll numbers and growing email scandal, but that’s no excuse for this kind of inflammatory and extreme rhetoric.’

As the RNC harangued Clinton for invoking Nazi-era imagery of Jews being deported from their countries of residence in boxcar trains, Clinton got some back up from her fellow Democratic presidential candidates, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley.

Sanders, who is Jewish, called Republicans’ deportation plans ‘racist and the Un-American’ and said the country must reject the idea’ that we are going to somehow round up millions of people in the dead of the night.’

‘It’s not what this country is about, and it’s not going to happen,’ he bellowed to a crowd of Democratic activists.

Asked by at a press conference if he thought Clinton and Sanders had appropriately described their Republican opponents’ stance on deportation measures, O’Malley said, ‘Yes.’

I believe that ‘in times of apprehension, in times when families are working harder and falling further behind, that any people is vulnerable to the appeals of charlatans and hate mongers who would scapegoat others who are not like us,’ O’Malley said.

Several Republican White House candidates, namely Donald Trump, have advocated the mass deportation of the country’s illegal immigrants.

He’s not said how he plans to achieve that goal, however.

Typically, illegal residents who are escorted out of the country are sent by bus back to Mexico or flown back to their home countries

‘I know that there are some on the other side who are seriously advocating to deport 11, 12 million people who are working here,’ Clinton told reporters.

And, she said, continuing, ‘I find it the height of irony that a party which espouses small government, would want to unleash a massive law enforcement effort, including perhaps, national guard and others, to go and literally pull people out of their homes and their work places, round them up, put them in, I don’t know, buses, boxcars, in order to take them across our border.’

Clinton said that is why she supports comprehensive immigration reform that would not only allow illegal residents to remain in the country but would offer them a pathway to U.S. citizenship.

‘And i was a deep disappointment to me,’ Clinton, a former U.S. senator, said, that when there was a bipartisan agreement in the Senate in 2013, ‘the House would not even give it a vote.’

‘So I will, I will oppose in every way I can, what I consider to be nothing but a political stunt, and will also raise questions as I am doing today about what the realities of that kind of claim actually are,’ Clinton said.

She moved on as another reporter shouted at her about the boxcars.

O’Malley called Trump out explicitly.

‘When Donald Trump speaks in those sort of racist ways, about whole groups of immigrants, all of us have a responsibility to push back and to call forward the lessons of history, which teach us, that all of us must stand up and speak out when these sorts of things happen,’ he said.

That’s because not to speak out is, ‘in essence,’ he said, to be ‘complicit.’

In her speech before Democratic activists gathered in the Hilton Minneapolis ballroom earlier that afternoon, Clinton had ripped Trump for trying to take away birthright citizenship for the children of illegal immigrants.

‘Look, you hear Mr. Trump say hateful things about immigrants, even about their babies,’ she said a few minutes later.

How many others disagree with him or support a real path to citizenship, she asked, or ‘draw the line’ at repealing the 14th amendment?

‘Today the party of [Abraham] Lincoln has become the party of Trump.’

Bringing her long speech, which went over the allotted time, back to the topic of immigration a little later, Clinton fired in the direction of Jeb Bush while talking about women’s issues and said, ‘We’re not going to stay quiet while [Republicans] demonize women, whether they’re Latino, Asian or anything else.’

She was referring to Bush’s remarks on ‘anchor babies’ – a controversy that the ex-Florida governor further fueled this week when he claimed he wasn’t talking ill of Hispanics, whom he feels a kindred spirit with as the husband of a Mexican native.

Instead, Bush said he was thinking of Asians.

In her remarks, Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz also singled out Trump and Bush, as well as Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

‘Republicans rushed to follow [Trump’s] lead’ on eliminating birthright citizenship, even Rubio, she claimed.

Rubio is the son of Cuban immigrants, who were living in the country legally when he was born, and an author of the Senate’s comprehensive immigration reform bill from the previous congressional session.

He and Bush share a home state with Wasserman Schultz, making them easy targets for her criticisms.

Bush, she said, like Trump, used a ‘vulgar and disgusting term’ to describe children born to illegal immigrants in America.

Wasserman Schultz called it an ‘insult’ and said she has a message for Republicans: ‘These are American citizens.’

 By The Daily Mail

Feathers flew in Manhattan court Tuesday as a group of residents demanded that a judge stop the “unsanitary’’ Jewish religious ritual of slaughtering chickens on the sidewalk during Yom Kippur.

“This is an epidemic waiting to happen. We just had this Legionnaire’s break out in The Bronx where 12 people died, rx ” said Nora Marino, prescription the lawyer for the Alliance to End Chickens as Kaporos, troche whose members carried photos of bloodied dead chickens into the courtroom.

The practice violates 15 different laws included in city and state health and agriculture regulations, Marino said.

Some Jewish people believe that the September ritual Kaporos absolves one’s sins with the sacrifice of a chicken.

Rabbi Shea Hecht, a human rights commissioner under former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, was in court to call the lawsuit “an attack on our religious freedom.”

But Marino’s 19 clients — from the Borough Park and Crown Heights neighborhoods in Brooklyn where the ritual takes place — say the resulting “stench, litter, blood, feces and feathers” pollute city streets.

“I am an elderly woman, and this scene horrifies me each year,” said 93-year-old Borough Park resident Frances Emeric.

“I saw live chickens with dead chickens and chickens screaming while the people participating in the ritual were holding the birds by their wings,” Emeric said, describing last year’s Kaporos.

David Jaroslawicz, who represents Hecht, derided the protesting residents as a bunch of “vegetarians” and “vegans” who whipped up “make-believe hysteria where it doesn’t exist.”

He noted that during the past 40 years that the ritual has taken place, not one person has fallen ill from the slaughtered chickens.

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Debra James said she’ll rule Sept. 10, about a week before the three-day slaughter festivities start.

By The New York Post

Following a horrific attack that sent a Chassidic man to the hospital after being beaten, purchase choked and doused with gasoline, community leaders are notifying the community that the attack did not appear to be racially motivated and the police are treating it as criminal in nature.

““Last night, a member of Montreal’s Chassidic Jewish community was severely beaten in the Cote des Neiges district; as of Friday morning, the attacker was still at large,” wrote the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA). “Montreal police are treating the incident with the utmost seriousness, and are investigating all possible motives for the attack.  However, we stress that at this time there is nothing to suggest that this was a hate crime, and no conclusions should be drawn until the police investigation is complete. CIJA’s Director of Community Security, Adam Cohen, is in close communication with senior police officials. CIJA will advise the community of any significant developments.”

Rabbi Reuven Poupko told CBC News that he was informed by police that the attack did not appear to be a hate crime, yet it was “criminal in nature.”

Constable Andre Leclerc told CTV News that there is nothing yet that indicates that the victim was attacked because of his religion. “We did not conclude, we did not confirm the reason of this crime, if it’s a hate crime or not,” he said. “We’re going to wait for the work done by the investigators.”

The suspect is described as a man in his twenties wearing light coloured clothing. After beating, choking (for over a minute) and dousing the victim with gasoline, he was chased off and ran west along Van Horne. Police investigators searched the surrounding area for the bottle from which the gasoline had been poured, used sniffer dogs to try and locate the attacker, but were unsuccessful.

Constable Leclerc said that the victim was conscious when police arrived but his condition worsened in the hospital and he was sedated. Chaverim Shomrim reported that the victim was taken off the respirator Friday morning and has no broken bones. Nonetheless, they urged the community to continue praying and saying Tehillim (Psalms) for Shlomo Zalmen Ben Sheva.

By Zvi Hershcovich –

As more information about the beating and choking of a Chassidic man is released, an anonymous donor has come forward offering $10,000 to anyone who can provide information that will lead to the arrest of a suspect.

A community member who asked to remain anonymous is offering $10,000 for any information leading to the arrest of the man who beat, choked and doused a liquid witnesses told smelled like gasoline on a Chassidic man who exited the Bank of Montreal at the corner of McEachran and Van Horne Thursday evening.

In an interview with the Montreal Gazette, a witness said that he had been inside the bank with two friends just before the attack. As they left, they noticed a “muscular 25-year-old man” sitting on a bench outside the bank’s front door, holding a plastic bottle of Naya water.

The witness, a longtime local who runs a restaurant, had never seen the man in the neighbourhood before and had an “unsettling” feeling about him. “When you see a new face, you notice it,” he told the Gazette. “There was something strange about his calmness, about how he was sitting there.”

As the witness and his friends chatted at the street corner, they heard a loud crack from behind them. They turned and saw the man pouring his bottle of “water” over the victim.

The witness’ friends started chasing the attacker, but police advised them over the phone to stop for their own safety and the attacker got away.

The witness stayed with the victim who was bleeding from his head, moving around but not responding to questions. “We were all panicking,” said the witness. “But I told him ‘don’t move. You’ve been attacked. Help is on the way.’”

The witness also suggested that the liquid was gasoline, telling the Gazette that there was no car nearby that would have given off the smell.

According to the witness, the suspect and the victim had never spoken, and he hadn’t heard any insults or slurs.

Montreal police took samples of the liquid that they will test in a lab to determine what it was. While they haven’t confirmed yet if the liquid was gasoline, they told Global News that it wasn’t corrosive.

Canine units were sent to try and locate the water bottle and the suspect. Neither were ultimately found.

They also confirmed that nothing had been stolen from the victim, even though he had car keys, a wallet and his phone on him at the time. As to whether the bank’s security footage captured the scene, police did not confirm.

The suspect is described as a Caucasian male in his 20s with short brown hair who was wearing a pale blue shirt and black pants.

Community leaders have stressed that there is nothing to suggest that the attack was anti-Semitic in nature. Many Synagogues in the Outremont area held public gatherings to pray for the victim.

The victim, who was sedated upon arrival to the hospital after suffering a seizure, has seen a vast improvement in his health and was released on Monday afternoon. Miraculously, even though he had been reportedly choked for over a minute, he had no broken bones. However, he could not recall the assault although he did remember his rescuers.

While his health has improved, people can continue saying Tehillim (Psalms) for Shlomo Zalmen Ben Sheva, and the family has requested that anyone who would like to visit the victim should please contact his father to coordinate a time that would be appropriate.

People who have more information about the attack are asked to call the police (911). All information received will remain confidential and anonymous. A $10,000 reward is waiting for anyone who can provide the police with information leading to the arrest of the suspect.

By Zvi Hershcovich –

The administration of the mikvah (ritual bath) used by the chevrah kadisha (burial society) in the hasidic enclave of Kiryas Tosh in Canada as decided not to change the water in the mikvah, treatment which was used for the immersion of the body of the elderly Rebbe of Tosh Rabbi Meshulam Feivish Lowy after he passed away August 11 at age 94.

Instead, healing Tosh intends to leave the water unchanged and charge hasidim – some of whom will be traveling from the US and other countries to Tosh for the High Holidays – $40 a pop to immerse in it before or during the holidays, cialis Behadrei Haredi reported – an almost certain violation of health codes and something that is appears not to be a known Jewish custom.


When not listening to Islamic anthems, the only pop music Osama Bin Laden listened to  was that of a Jewish French musician who loved Israel.

In a report by the BBC earlier in the week, Flagg Miller, an Arabic culture and literature expert, discussed his analysis of the collection 1,500 of cassettes found at Bin Laden’s abandoned compound in Kandahar, Afghanistan, including the music of Enrico Macias, an Algerian-born French singer.

Macias gained worldwide fame in the ’60s and ’70s. He was especially beloved in Israel, where he performed several times throughout the years and often expressed his love for the IDF.

“These songs suggest that that someone, at some point in their life, was enjoying the songs of this Algerian Jew – and may have continued to enjoy them despite other struggles that clearly would have suggested doing so was heresy,” Miller said.

He added that the Macias’s music showed how people in Kandahar were cultured and spoke a number of languages. “Many had lived in the West for long periods and it can’t be said enough that they had led multiple lives,” says Miller.

The collection of recordings were discovered shortly after the US invaded Afghanistan in 2001.

Bin Laden fled his Khandahar compound immediately, leaving behind the collection of discussions, speeches, battle recordings and religious music.

According to the report, the tapes were originally sold to a cassette store in the area and were intended to be recorded over with modern pop music, something that was banned for many years under the Taliban. However, a CNN cameraman convinced the store owner against this.

Jerusalem Post

When prominent Washington, shop D.C., cheap Rabbi Barry Freundel was arrested last year for secretly videotaping dozens of women using the mikvah, salve the ritual’s sense of sacredness was shattered for some local Jewish women.

Local artist Rena Fruchter recently spearheaded a community project to put the pieces back together: A mural created by female members of Orthodox Ohev Sholom – The National Synagogue in Washington inside their mikvah.

After months of work, the mural was dedicated on Sunday.

The project gave the women “something they could own, something they could feel part of,” said Fruchter. It allowed them to take “something shattered; make something whole.”

“We have a broken system. We don’t throw it out. We take the pieces. We put them together and make something beautiful together.”

Freundel led Kesher Israel, another Orthodox synagogue in Washington, D.C., until his arrest in October. As part of a guilty plea, he admitted to installing video cameras in the National Capital Mikvah, next to the synagogue. He was sentenced in May to 6 1/2 years in prison for 52 counts of misdemeanor voyeurism. He filed notice that he will appeal the sentence.

Elanit Jakabovics, the president of Kesher Israel, endorsed the project, noting the Freundel’s actions had hurt Jews across Washington, D.C, and even the world.

“I strongly support anything that helps the healing,” she said. “You know the pain is never going to go away.”

The colorful new mural features a Van Gogh-like swirl, women dancing, moons, water, reeds and the words from Isaiah 12:3, in both English and Hebrew: “Joyfully shall you draw water from the fountains of redemption.”

The design is the result of collaboration between Fruchter and local artist Arturo Ho, with input from women from Ohev Sholom.

After collecting glass objects in donation boxes stationed at their synagogue, Fruchter organized weekend gatherings of women from the synagogue to break the glass up and reassemble it.

The mood at the gatherings was celebratory. On Saturdays, women sipped margaritas and mojitos as they worked, and on Sundays mother’s brought their daughters to chip in.

“Women came and hung out. They got to know each other,” said Maharat Ruth Balinsky Friedman. The women took the mikvah space defined it and demystified it.”

About 60 women participated in the gatherings, which started soon after Passover.

Ariele Mortkowitz contributed to the project with her mother and 6-year-old daughter. Before moving to near Ohev Shalom, Mortkowitz had used the National Capital Mikvah. That “mikvah is near and dear to me. I still have friends there,” she said.

“Freundel was a big blow around mikvahs in general, and this could make it a better experience.”

By: Suzanne Pollak – JTA