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Howie’s Rant

  • Major Announcement Regarding The Howie Silbiger Show

    Dear Fans, here cialis I write this without consulting with my team or Radio Shalom, cure they are getting this information at the same time as you. I believe that being honest and straightforward is the only way to go, rx so I will hold nothing back. I have been toying with the idea of ending The Howie Silbiger Show. We have been on the air, in one format or another, for just about 14 years, we have produced multiple thousands of shows, over 3500 and have accomplished amazing things with the limited resources we have been working with. From taking on the Y for opening on Shabbos to being instrumental in stopping the mergers of Herzliah and Bialik High Schools and then the wholesale abandonment of Judaism at Bialik, we have never shied away from being thourough in our research, confrontational, controversial and entertaining. We have done this, for years, with no monetary compensation, no community financial support and very little praise or recognition. That said, my
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