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Howie’s Rant

  • Graduation Speech I would give, if I was invited to give one

    I have for the past 14 years penned a speech I would have given had I been invited to speak at a high school graduation. This year, I still haven’t had the merit to be invited, so here’s the speech I would have delivered. So it is graduation time, there you are, all spruced up in your robes and hats, excited about leaving high school and entering the real world, excited about growing up and becoming adults. Congratulations you made it. The question is, however, will you survive? It’s a tough world out there, lots of distractions, evil lurks seemingly around every corner and as smart as you think you are, you aren’t.  Think back to when you thought you outwitted your teacher by cheating on that paper or test, think about how proud you were that you got away with it. Then know that the teacher knew you cheated. Believe it or not teacher s are not dummies and we know the abilities of our students, sometimes better than our students.  When an essay or test is too good to be true, we
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