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  • The Anatomy of Assimilation – The Montreal Y will open on Shabbat

    As appeared in the September 2009 issue of JMAG Magazine: by Howard Silbiger In the 1920s German Jews had ascended to the top of society. They were the aristocratic symbol of wealth, buy culture and physique. These German Jews were loyal to Germany, viagra they identified as German before Jewish. Judaism to them was an inherited bother, they were more concerned with being accepted and part of the mass society, fully assimilated with very little, save some Yiddish theatre, trace of their Jewish heritage. When Hitler came to power in the early ‘30s, these Jews didn’t worry. In their mind, they were too important to the German people to be persecuted, heck they were Germans who happened to be Jewish. Unfortunately, as assimilated as they were, they were still Jews and they were still shipped off to the various death camps to be slaughtered. Fast forward nearly 70 years and it is amazing how the world is different but Jewish attitudes are the same. For over a century, Jewish
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