Inside the Vault with Sheldon Eric Fried

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Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, CANADA, Sheldon Eric Fried always had a passion for radio and it started when he was in high school. Sheldon started becoming interested in radio when a couple of close friends of his had a radio show at St. Georges High School of Montreal, Canada. Sheldon started coming into the studios and would sit in on some shows. He was excited to see what was going on behind the scenes. He later became involved and joined the station and hosted various radio shows. When people would be away, he was only too happy to volunteer and would temporarily replace people for their shows until they returned.

His interest in radio continued when Sheldon graduated from St. Georges in the summer of 1977 and went on to Dawson College later that fall and quickly became involved in their radio station located at the Selby Street campus called CFKS. He continued to become involved and soon after became the Program Director and helped run the radio station. Sheldon also volunteered to compete in an inter-campus marathon to help raise money for the underprivileged. After 60 hours without sleep, Sheldon had to step down and get some badly needed rest for a few days before returning back on the air and doing his administrative duties at CFKS.

After graduating Dawson, Sheldon loved the business so much, he decided to pursue a career in the radio broadcasting industry. After sending an array of letters, demo tapes, cold calling, as well as sending out resumes, there were many doors that were shut in his face and phone calls along with letters saying there were not any positions available. “I refused to take no for an answer and I was determined to keep going and persevere”, Sheldon said. In 1982, Sheldon’s dream of commercial radio became a a reality, and his career started when a radio station in Ottawa called him and asked him to come down and meet with them for an interview. Sheldon drove to Ottawa the following day and met with the management and the Program Director at CKOY 1310 AM andit was not even 10 minutes afterward with his enthusiasm and determination and was then hired right on the spot. Sheldon moved to Ottawa and worked there from 1982 – 1984 however, due to budget cuts, he was let go.

Sheldon returned home to Montreal and decided to take a trip down to a top 40 radio station – CKGM 980 AM and filled out an employment application form at reception. A week later, the phone rang, and it was one of the management people from CKGM who invited Sheldon to come down for an interview.

The next day he arrived at CKGM’s studios and was asked to do a production demo of Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing In The Dark” by editing down the song to just over one minute and make it sound good. After completing his production assignment, once again Sheldon was hired on the spot. A year later due to budget cuts once again, he was let go.

Finally, in July of 1989, he received a phone call from Montreal, Canada’s legendary news talk radio station – CJAD 800 AM for an interview. Once again, he was then asked to produce a demo and once again, he was hired on the spot. From July 1989 all the way up to Thursday September 26, 2013, Sheldon worked in commercial radio as an on-air producer and Technical Assistant at CJAD, MIX 96, and CHOM 97.7 for almost 25 years. “I was so fortunate to work with some of the very best and legendary people both in front of the microphone, as well as behind the scenes, and that is something that absolutely no one can ever take that away from me!”

After being let go from Bell Media on Thursday September 26, 2013, Sheldon then decided to go to McGill University and to re-educate and retool his professional career objectives. In May 2017, Sheldon graduated his course of study at McGill University and received a Certificate in Human Resources Management.

By October 2013, Sheldon was approached by former CJAD colleague and close friend of his – Howie Silbiger and was asked if he would be interested in producing a community-based radio show in Montreal, Canada. Sheldon was happy, and ever since then up to the present, Sheldon has since been an On-Air Contributor to the show at the community radio station Sunday evenings from 8:00 – 9:00 PM. Sheldon also does the annual reviews and entertainment reports from the Just For Laughs Festival every summer.

By November of 2015, Sheldon was approached by Warren Eastveld of Mixvibez Radio and since that time has hosted a dance party show Tuesday evenings from 8:00 – 10:00 PM called Studio S. After a month on Mixvibez Radio, another person from an internet radio station – Terry “The Uber Cowboy” approached Sheldon and invited him on Uber City Radio to host a Classic RockRadio show called “Inside The Vault” which premiered on Thursday December 10, 2015 from 6:00 – 8:00 PM on Uber City Radio in the United States.

One year later, Sheldon returned to Mixvibez Radio with his Inside The Vault radio show, and for the last 4 years, Sheldon has continued to entertain many listeners on Mixvibez Radio and has done many shows there until August 2020.

On August 4, 2018, Sheldon was approached by the management from a commercial radio station called Jewel 106.7 FM. Sheldon started working there as an On-Air Master Control Studio Producer responsible for coordinating and executing remote broadcasts from the studio. Later on, Sheldon’s boss offered Sheldon to do News, and Traffic reporting on Jewel 106.7 FM on an on-call replacement basis until November 2020 when Sheldon was let go due to the COVID-19 and lack of work.

After Labour Day in 2020, Sheldon Eric Fried was offered to take his Inside The Vault to a new platform with his co-administrator, radio personality, book author, and friend – Catharine Allan. Unfortunately, beyond both of their control, the platform has suffered many technical issues and due to a very lack of their customer service to address these issues, Catharine and Sheldon decided to close the radio station.

Over the last few years, Howie offered Sheldon to host his Inside The Vault Show on True Talk Radio, however, at that time, due to the other commitments Sheldon had at that time, he was unable to do any musical shows on True Talk Radio, although he was still working on the Howie Silbiger Show as well as providing Entertainment Reports from the Just For Laughs Festival every summer!

Sheldon has other projects in the works but is always eager and strives to be the very best and is always willing to help people in their projects and dreams!

As of Monday January 11, 2021, Sheldon Eric Fried is coming back home to The True Talk Radio Network and will be proud to do his Inside The Vault Show featuring the very best of A.O.R, Classic, Progressive Rock with some Oldies Thrown In For Good Measure. Less Talk and More Rock and More Oldies. Hope to see all of you then!

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