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  • March of the Living left Yesterday – Should They Have Gone?

    1988 was 43 years after the end of the war. Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel was on trial, President Ronald Reagan announced the intention to build a National Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, British Holocaust Denier David Irving was on his first book tour, and 10,000 young Jewish students from 52 countries went to Auschwitz on the first ever March of the Living. At the time, Holocaust survivors were plentiful and had started telling their stories. The March was a perfect companion trip to authenticate the Holocaust experience, it was the perfect example of authentic learning, disguised as a new educational trend, but practiced all along. In the spirit of transparency: I attended the trip in 1990 and applied to be a Councillor this year (but backed out of the application process due to the over $10,000 fee Councillors must pay.) Yesterday, over triple the number of students as the first March went on the 2018 March of the Living. Much has changed: The trip now
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